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Today, my dad tried to convince my mother to stay with him. "Think of all the great times we've had," he said and started naming off quite a few. Too bad none of them were about the three kids they had together, all were vacations. FML
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Well, after my parents got married, my dad's dad convinced my dad that my mom was a gold digger and so they divorced when I was one year old and had my brothers three years later. They've lived together the past 16 years as a divorced couple and have fought constantly. My dad forced my mom to go thousands of dollars into debt because he wouldn't give her any money for a year. During that time my mom couldn't get a job anywhere and she had to buy groceries for us three and her two kids from before the failed marriage. My brothers and I live with my mom now and it's much better without him trying to control us.

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she probably wants to leave because she's got such whiny-ass children who think everything should be about them. he made the right move by not pulling the "what about the children" card, he's trying to convince her THEIR RELATIONSHIP is worth saving.


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just because your parents don't love you doesn't mean your not important.

It's obvious OP don't have children themselves, because children aren't happy memories. Children are a 1000 unhappy memories to every 1 half decent one.

get over it I got 10 bathrooms I could sh1t all day steady mobbin YOUNG MONEY

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OP You need to shut the **** up and quit thinking the world revolves around you. YDI

Being a parent may well be the toughest job that I have ever had. But it is one that is neverending and rewarding if you take time to notice the good in your kids and take the time to tell them how important they are. Everyday is not bells, whistles and a party but by sons know NO MATTER WHAT I am still and always be my sons I have been Mom as well as their Dad, the easter bunny, santa claus, the toothfairy, the chauffeur all rolled into on and the one person they can come to ... a mother holds their childrens hands for awhile, but we hold their hearts forever!!!!

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The real FML should lie within the fact that your parents are splitting. Don't be selfish, OP.

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ya you're probably the reason she's leaving

dude chill out we kids just stress our parents out of course hes not gonna mention yall

Well it's common knowledge that kids strain relationships more than they enhance them...

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not true- some people stay together just for their kids.

Doesn't mean they're happy together. And I just mean in general. Studies show that couples report being happiest when they're first married, then their marital satisfaction starts going downhill after the first kid, and it doesn't significantly rise again until the last kid is out of the house. I'm sure this isn't true for all couples but it's the general trend.

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xx3ginaxx3, You are right, and it is not a happy place to be.

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This is certainly true in my case. Kids are a pain in the ass. You might think I'm a selfish bastard, but; I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking.

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you were probably made on a vacation, op. ;)

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Or a result of over-foreplay... He's an accident :( Or he's adopted...

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stfu Ajjas! op's not supposed to know.. too late now. sorry op.

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It's still all buggy Ninja, the comments... Someone has to fix this :(

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fix it now, someone! my comments are everywhere >:(

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Sirin said that they fixed it, but she doesn't know if it's for good.

Exactly this. You are not your parents relationship. Stop being a self-absorbed little kid and try to HELP your parents. Give them space, time together.

^ You said every word I had in mind to say.

Seriously. This is about dad saving his relationship with mom, not dad stroking childs ego.

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agreed. and stayin together for the sake of the kids can make things a lot worse for everyone, so it's better to not try to use that as the reason to stick around.

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They have no real relationship. She's always bitching on how he tries to control her.

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concieted self centered bitch. ur not the most important thing in the world

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she probably wants to leave because she's got such whiny-ass children who think everything should be about them. he made the right move by not pulling the "what about the children" card, he's trying to convince her THEIR RELATIONSHIP is worth saving.

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OP, it's because they don't love you. You're adopted and they never truly accepted you. Sorry you had to find out this way.

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He was made because his parents had the wrong idea of foreplay.

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YDI for being a rotten, selfish brat that tore apart an otherwise happy couple. I can see you have grown out of that egotism.

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Hey OP I think I found your real father! *Points to perdix*

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******* Wal-Mart vasectomies!!! The $49.99 price tag looked great (plus it came with a free oil change), but then the savings get wiped out by the child-support payments!

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Why the **** would you get your vasectomy at Wal-Mart? I'm sorry if you don't like being his dad... That's the way it is... If it really does bother you, stop donating to your local Sperm Bank.

perdix 29

Did you miss the $49.99 part? And the oil change? And the fact that everyone gets to see your junk? For some of us that last one is a plus! I don't pay child support for the thousands of kids that were created with my sperm bank donations. It's the kids of those skanks at the bars that are killing me.

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Beats getting your vasectomy professionally done. Maybe chopping off your penis from the get-go is a better idea. You could hang it from your ceiling every Christmas and tell your little ones it's a special missletoe that only grows in the Amazon Rain Forest. Maybe that's why your mailbox is always full of letters from random children all over the country, if not the world, complaining about when you're gonna get off your lazy ass and pay the Child Support funds. I wouldn't be surprised if someone read through your letters and mistook you for Michael Jackson.