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Today, I was having coffee with an old friend I hadn't seen since university. I asked about her husband; she replied, "He died" and walked off. I was confused, so I stood up and took off after her. She then reminded me that I was at his funeral, and then slapped me in the face. FML
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from hitting it so hard for this fml

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I'm forgetful too sometimes, we all have lapses. OP's friend could have been a little more understanding. She was pretty harsh. (It doesn't sound like it was a recent thing... I get that it's upsetting but that doesn't mean you have to slap someone.)

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I'm sorry but if someone forgot that the person I chose to spend the rest of my life with died, despite being at the funeral, I'd be a bit pissed as well.

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Would you SLAP them though? I'm sorry but that's just going too far.

beating to a pulp is too far, slapping is 100℅ fine because it's 100℅ a slap in op's friend's face for forgetting, even though being invited

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Sorry guys, but no matter what, violence is never the answer. It was ok for the friend to get upset, but we don't just slap people for having a lapse in memory. Walking away and informing OP that her question was possibly heartless is fine; slapping OP wasn't.

I get that some people forget simple things like that, and I also get how hard it is to lose someone you love and how some of the sadness can easily turn to anger. When you're upset, its hard to think about how someone else is feeling. She probably wasn't able to think it was an honest mistake in the state she was in. Both people made simple mistakes that are really understandable. It happens, especially at times like those. That's why there's sometimes a lot of fighting that happens after funerals and weddings, or big events like that. I just hope the simple misunderstandings doesn't lead to a friendship ending.

How does one forget they are at a funeral? That isn't "something simple" if you're actually present.

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All of the funerals I have attended have been due to word of mouth. I don't think there's such a thing as "invites" for a funeral.

people solve all their problems with violence. I love violence! lol

"she reminded me I was at the funeral" could be read as meaning "she reminded me I HAD BEEN at the funeral", which seems a lot more likely to me. We don't know how old OP is, but she hadn't seen her friend since University - for all we know that was 10+ years ago, in which case it isn't entirely outrageous she briefly forgot a detail like that.

A multitude of reasons #2 -huffing glue. -eating wall cookies(read paint chips) -severe blunt force trauma to the head. -autoerotic asphyxiation gone wrong, a lot. -being an idiot. That's just a list I thought of real quick trying to figure out where OPs brain damage came from.

I would like to add Alzheimer's to the list. OP didn't mention her age so it could be possible.

I really like how "being an idiot" is towards the bottom. Innocent until proven guilty, benefit of the doubt.

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I've just gotta say that it's horrible to have a bad memory v.v I forget things extremely quickly unless they're within a game, or if I've experienced it multiple times.

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But I would think you wouldn't you would forget about a funeral while you were at it

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Seriously. I understand being forgetful, I am myself. But this is just unreal. Either OP has serious memory problems, or he/she is just an asshole.

Short term memory loss maybe? This FML needs a followup...

Honestly after rereading this FML a few times the line "I was at his funeral" could literally mean they were having a coffee at his funeral or she was there in the past. It is slightly ambiguous. Either way OP is mentally damaged in one way or another.

I believe she was meaning she was at the funeral in the past and was recently having coffee with her friend

I'm pretty sure the funeral was in the past. Of not, then OP might have some memory issues. Also, we don't know how old they are

Pretty sure the funeral was in the past; reading it the other way seems just too ridiculous to actually happen unless OP has Alzheimer's. And they could have not seen each other for several decades for all we know, in which case momentarily forgetting a detail like that wouldn't be completely outrageous.

Another item to add to the list: drunk at the funeral

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F your friends wife, that must of hurt. as for OP, happens to the best of us sometimes, sucks it happened at a funeral.

You might want to reread that post again, your response kinda doesn't fit with what happened. Here's a quick summary: OP talked to old friend. Old friend, who's a woman, lost her husband in the past. OP was at funeral of said husband. OP forgot and asked how the husband, who's dead, was doing. OP got slapped for being insensitive.

Don't feel bad, the first time I read it I thought she meant the incident happened at the funeral too. Reading & comprehension, not always my strong suit.

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lol, it was early, sorry for being idiotic.

why would OP **** her friend's nonexistent wife?

It's ok #39. I had a good laugh on how stupid that comment was.

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Ohhhhhhhhh "had been to his funeral" would have made this easier to comprehend.

Well you could say sorry. Say you have bad long/short term memory & give her time.

If you actually care about what happens in a friends life you would never forget something like that

You, sir, are an idiot. Memory can in fact be wiped, even important ones. In fact a recent experiment showed that certain drugs can wipe the connection to old memories, meaning you know longer know how to access them, meaning you can't remember them.

Don't make excuses like having bad memory. Its shows you don't even try to care.

Lol I'm an idiot because I didn't configure the very small amount of people who suffer from there memory being wiped? Okay...

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#48, your information might be right, but calm down with calling him an idiot. Just say, "Actually recent studies show..." No need to add on some rudeness.

I have an absolutely horrible memory! I forget names and birthdays of people I've known for a long time. I think some of this may be from a medication I was on but I'm not positive. Either way, I feel bad for OP, it's not like she did it on purpose and there could've been a lot of reasons why she forgot, like maybe she has been through a horrible year and sort of had tunnel vision because of it. It sucks it happened, but personally I think a slap is a little much. Again, not like she was trying to hurt her friend (who she hasn't seen in years might I add) on purpose. When you forget something important, like a name or birthday or something, you feel really horrible, awkward and embarrassed about it, no need for the friend to make the situation worse.

I'm sorry but how do you forget going to a funeral? You had to have seen her there. I don't say this often but YDI.

I'm not saying it wasn't bad but I've been to like 20 funerals, maybe OP has been to lots too. Plus there's also a possibility the OP hasn't seen or even talked to her friend in 20+ years. Just because I don't keep in touch with friends from high school doesn't mean I don't consider them friends. I feel like everyone's being a bit harsh to the OP. Again not saying it's not her fault but it's not like she did it on purpose and I bet she felt sick about it.

Plot Twist: OP never went to the funeral

You make it sound like OP planned this and did purposely to hurt her friend.

Yeah, OP probably just forgot intentionally to make her friend upset. That sounds about right.

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How could you forget going to a funeral!?! YDI

Said funeral could have been 20+ years ago for all we know, and we have no idea how long OP and her friend hadn't seen or spoken to each other.

You really deserved that. How do you not remember going to a funeral?

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Wait.. Didn't you just say you hadn't seen her since university?

I'd wager that OP's long-term memory is perhaps not of the most pristine sort.

There's a possibility the death happened during university, or shortly after and OP forgot. There's also the possibility, as some have mentioned, that the OP never went to the funeral and it's the friend that has the bad memory or had mistaken her for someone else that was there. Definitely would like a follow up to this one!