By elizabethyeo - 20/02/2012 10:01 - Australia

Today, I was speaking to an old friend and I asked her how her mother was. She replied, "She passed away, you came to her funeral last month." FML
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iamabamf 17
iamabamf 17

That's very possible, but I just think that I would remember whether or not I had attended an old friend's mother's funeral before I asked about how she was doing. Maybe that's just me.

I would most likely go with the point that she's an inconsiderate bitch. There's no way you can forget something like that unless she has a memory issue

ShroomsOnAcid 16

There's a third option, 25. The question might have just been due to general inattentiveness to the conversation, or a so called blonde moment. It happens to all of us in one way or another. It doesn't necessarily mean the event is gone from OP's memory.

Well it could be one of those general things a person is used to asking a lot of people. Like me asking a friend what classes he takes when I'm in three classes with him, it's not that I forgot he was in those classes the question just slipped out and left me looking like an idiot. That's what I believe may have happened to OP, although in a more serious way admittedly!

57 love da pic, love da name, love da hunger games, love mah bread :) Hate grammar! :)

The only way you could forget something like that, is if you were in Vegas, because everything stays in Vegas, except herpes.

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man i totally understand this dude my family is so feakishly large we go to about 3 funerals a year and someone's allway's having a baby , or is being put in the er, or it having some sort of crisis after a while you stop giveing a crap and a funeral just becomes aother appointment to keep

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Similar to the mother; she won't be recovering anytime soon.

#59 Funny how your name is "death" in French with that particular comment...

Blackmail111 9

I'm pretty sure it's "Morte" and it's Spanish for death...

Blackmail111 9

Unless the word "Mort" is French for death. I was never good in French.

#83 I think Spanish for "death" is "muerte". "Morte" is Italian for death, or French for "dead" at the feminine. But "mort" is French for "death"... A bit confusing I know! :) PS: I'm French.

"He died two months ago. You also went to his funeral."

Redoxx_fml 22

"Died this morning. We just buried him like 30 minutes ago."

You ran him over with your car last week. You helped me bury him.

Just ask how your friends doing, obviously he isnt dead.

Redoxx_fml 22

So he's immortal pretty much. Ask if he's willing to make you one and the daily diet. Wouldn't wanna eat any relatives. I would 100% do that :)

50- god it must suck having a dead 'wif'. Idiot.

129, i assume he intended to type that. Seeing as the other person would be interrupting him before he finished the question.

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YDI^. you used a "your mom" joke.

I wonder if sarge enjoys eating other muffins. O.o

No 36 doesn't deserve it because she isn't even the one who posted this

I think it's time you stopped any bad habit in which you may be partaking. Your paralyzed brain cells just gave you a wake up call.

"I'm so sorry about your loss." whose funeral am I at?

julialinn 2

"Today, my friend asked how my mother was doing. She passed away--they were at her funeral only a month ago. FML"

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You actually don't need to be drunk for something like this to happen.

iloveweed69 7
iloveweed69 7

63 - I wasn't trying to be funny LOL chill :-)

64, WTF is on your face!? Is it supposed to be concealer? If so... Eesh 0.0 a little too much there D:

iloveweed69 7

No LOL it's cum all over my face ;-)

iloveweed69 7

I'm not even fighting LOL. it's just hilarious to me ;)

iloveweed69 7

I hope it was just forgetfulness for a moment - because, ouch! I hope you apologized.