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  iamabamf  |  17

That's very possible, but I just think that I would remember whether or not I had attended an old friend's mother's funeral before I asked about how she was doing. Maybe that's just me.

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

There's a third option, 25. The question might have just been due to general inattentiveness to the conversation, or a so called blonde moment. It happens to all of us in one way or another. It doesn't necessarily mean the event is gone from OP's memory.

  DooleyFTW  |  17

Well it could be one of those general things a person is used to asking a lot of people. Like me asking a friend what classes he takes when I'm in three classes with him, it's not that I forgot he was in those classes the question just slipped out and left me looking like an idiot. That's what I believe may have happened to OP, although in a more serious way admittedly!

  metal8lover  |  11

man i totally understand this dude my family is so feakishly large we go to about 3 funerals a year and someone's allway's having a baby , or is being put in the er, or it having some sort of crisis after a while you stop giveing a crap and a funeral just becomes aother appointment to keep

  raphanne_fml  |  33

#83 I think Spanish for "death" is "muerte".
"Morte" is Italian for death, or French for "dead" at the feminine. But "mort" is French for "death"... A bit confusing I know! :)

PS: I'm French.