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By me. - 22/06/2012 07:28 - United States - Indianapolis

Today, I called my doctor from my office. He wanted to call a prescription to my pharmacy, but wanted to know by what method I would prefer my medication. During our conversation, a group of potential clients walked in just as I exclaimed, "I definitely prefer oral." FML
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I really hate to be the one to make the obligatory terrible pun, but that really sucks.

TheIchiban 11

In general, anyone would prefer oral ;)


TheIchiban 11

In general, anyone would prefer oral ;)

DreBeezy 9

I don't believe that's true, seeing how every husband has to trick their wife into doing it nowadays.

You could've said, "I prefer oral....method of taking medication." You have to think on your feet!

No fucktard, there are suppositories. Which go up your ass. Which is anal. Go learn something before you speak.

rotflqtms_ 21

#21 There are acetaminophen tablets or suppositories for fever if you can't keep food down... (and other suppositories) For the schizophrenic patients, you have Risperdal, it can be given in tablet form or via an intramuscular injection (ouch) if you fear your patient is not swallowing. (noncompliance) There are more, but I'm taking so Long to type this, I'm almost sure the FML app won't let this go through if I add another word.

rotflqtms_ 21

Fail, I took so long to type my last comment, someone beat me to the punch. Oh well...

#30, If I look at the time stamps, it suggests you must have taken longer than 10 minutes to write that. Just a fun fact (:

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You could have avoided all confusion by saying "I have no problem swallowing"

You could also try jamming the pills into your ear, as the voices in my head oftentimes suggest, but I've heard (with much difficulty) that it isn't as effective as standard methods of ingestion. What? I can't hear you.

Who doesn't prefer oral??? It's the only way to go! Shocked no one suggested snorting their meds....

#61, Can you repeat that? In English this time? ...Yes, you have to put in mechanics, too.

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Well maybe that made the clients happy :)

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Yeah, I think everyone does. c;

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I prefer taking medications anally, partially due to childhood events. But I won't bore you with the details

I'm sure the clients were willing to sign any deals after hearing that ;-).

Maybe those clients prefers oral too...FYL

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It's why they made the thumbs up button.

i'd like the comment but its on 69 right now xD

I really hate to be the one to make the obligatory terrible pun, but that really sucks.

You better feel terrible! Your comment blows!

Swallow your tongue! I thought it was a job well done.

Inheritance 10

That might count as a rhyme if you're Lil B the Based God, but I doubt any real musicians would let that one go into a song.

How else could* she have* done* it you ask? I'll just let you have a think about it, and if you're still not sure, please don't hesitate to ask again.

Also 9 the gender of OP is not specified.

I would just add '... When it comes to taking medication of any kind..' There, problem solved.

And your situation most definitely blows, OP.

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And that is why you should say, " I prefer oral medication."

perdix 29

Was the other choice "taking it up the ass?" I'm sure your preference for oral will be most pleasing to at least some of your potential clients :)

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Sure fire way to get those clients: Step one: Make it really obvious to the client you love oral (which you've already done) Step two: Offer said client oral in a very seductive way Step three: Take one for the team Step four: Profit *It may end in a hard slap but if you are offering oral you probably like that anyways ;)

EnzaiFreak 1

Those are also all the right steps to get your ass fired.