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Today, I was hanging out with some of my friends when I fell asleep. When I woke up, I found that they had shaved the F word into my arm. I don't know what is more disturbing: the fact that this is what my friends do for fun, or that I have enough arm hair to have four letters shaved into it. FML
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boxbrandon11 20

Shave "moms" into the other side and "I" onto the side with F**k s

Damn. I'm sorry but that's not attractive on a girl

And "your" into the same side as the "I" and "F**k", or else it would have some weird incestual implications.

Trisha_aus 15

There are plenty of girls, even supermodels sometimes don't wax their arms..what is wrong with hair?!

ThisIsMyReign 4

28 - Hair in girls is just gross. That's like if guys didn't cut their nails.

Good thing I shave my arms... Keeps them smooth as a bonus.

twaumat 28

If it's visible while you're flipping someone off, your friends did good.

Shit, that wasn't meant to be a reply. *jetpacks out of here* Nothing to see here...

MichellinMan 20

I like Chewbacca better. maybe that's just because I freaking love star wars.

OP should thank her friends for doing her a favor and giving her an excuse to wax those Sasquatch arms!

BunBunBabe 8

75, Is your picture a flying pop-tart cat?? I know that has nothing to do with this but I'm very curious

Do you ever get a thumbed down comment..?

I see what you did there, DocBastard. Sorry, I had the urge to say it.

124, DocBastard will NEVER get a thumbed down comment because he is immune to them. But you are not

Nah, check the House MD FML a while back.

mandadarling 10

sounds like a hairy situation..

olpally 32

Bad pun to use here... Keep trying though!

Let me try then. The reason why the hair/hare lost to the tortoise is because it was ****** in the first place.

olpally 32

Hahahaha... MrSassypants, ftw!! :D

You made a good pun comment on the ironing board FML. Don't get cocky. I like cake.

nofearjenshere 12

Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake... And it's not even my birthday.

gurly98 13

40- I want you inside my body

megamandude455 10

You broke the first rule: never be the first person to fall asleep around friends. Oh and I suggest waxing your arms, unless you're going for a chewbacca look?

olpally 32

Exactly... Be glad they didn't use permanent marker to fill in the shaved area of the word f**k... That would have been worse!

One of my exes, woke up the following morning after a house party to hand size '**** & balls' wearing a pair of sneakers with the words "Just do it" underneath it, tattooed on his arm. The craftsmanship was amazing, but needless to say he looked like a wee bit of a dick.

In my opinion OP deserved it for not shaving those things to begin with!

kayla_ann0o 9

Lmao. At least you can shave your arm hair off and not look ridiculous like if it would have been your head.

Oh my god. OP is a woman. That's disgusting.

Ouch. I guess now you'll have to shave your whole arm, which isn't so bad OP. Don't forget the other one!

jerseyboy732 16

there are PLENTY of worse places they could have shaved it

nofearjenshere 12

Where? Don't leave me hanging here! Legs? Feet? Hands??

jerseyboy732 16

you being a girl I'm sure you can think of a place.... tho if you think about it that would be kinda ironic.

But that would be ultimately pointless as nobody would see it. And it sounds like an odd form of molestation.

Easy fix. Shave your arms so nobody will see the '****'.

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No she isn't, that pink FEMALE sex symbol at the top right clearly shows she is, in fact, a boy. Duh! (Sarcasm Font)

Trisha_aus 15

Last time I checked girls were human yes, we have hair, even on our arms

No, girls only have hair on their head and face. Absolutely no hair anywhere else. They also don't fart, shit, pee, or anything "unlady like" for that matter. OP accidentally put girl instead of boy. Jeez it's like people can't figure anything out anymore.

I have no visible hair on my arms... Not everyone does. I just find it dirty since women are in the kitchen. ;) where they should be.

23- don't contradict yourself sweetie, Saying "girls are human they have hair on their arms" then turn around and say "go for a wax" in your comment below mine.

42- she said go for a wax so no one would see the word ****. She also stated in her comment, "girls are human too so yes we have hair on our arms" in both her comments. You sounded like a fool because you apparently believe girls are hairless.

Trisha_aus 15

42- I don't think so..I said girls were human and therefore they have hair on their arms..then I said she should get a wax because her situation is a little different, she doesn't just have hair but the f-word on her arm, she needs to get rid of it all

limblessorphan 4

89 - Your comment was perfect. Don't worry about people that don't have enough intelligence to figure out that we all have hair on our arms. Maybe she is just "special" in some way and has been excluded from the rest of the hairy armed population.

104... Not everyone has hair on their arms. Just because I myself, and many people I know don't have it, and the ones who do try to get rid of it. You can't base someones intelligence on a pity comment. I'm in the engineering department at my university, what are you doing?

I work at your university. Therefore, I am screwing you over with tuition fees! That's what I'm doing. Don't try the "I'm going to school, so I'm cool" to make your comment legit. It is out of context (especially in this conversation as an engineer) and makes me feel sorry for you.

BryanThaMan 14

Classic!! Good thing they didn't have Sharpies...

I remember I got a tux from my friends, except it was a sharpie-tux... I looked black for about 3 weeks.

LIES! Skin replaces itself after 3 days, therefore in three weeks, you would have had 7 unique sets of skin, therefore the sharpie couldn't have made you appear black for three weeks.

CursedSilent 1

Having got in trouble for drawing sharpie "tattoos" on myself in high school that stayed for weeks... I say don't assume every scientific rule applies every time. Damn sharpies, couldn't hide the colorful evidence!

mhopper 13

Rubbing alcohol gets rid of quickly, for future reference lol