By Anonymous - 06/08/2011 21:34 - United States

Today, in one fell swoop, my testicles and spirits were simultaneously crushed into submission by the girl I like. FML
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Does not sound sexy.

Captain0bv10us 0

Excuse me for a minute, I have lost all faith in humanity


Does not sound sexy.

gideeupp 9

Sounds quite painful. Fyl op :(

enonymous 8

WTF you talking about. I got a chub and my nipples could cut glass after reading this FML.

It sounds like S&M gone wrong

NastyNinja31 0

That bitch went nuts on u

flockz 19

so u had ball crushing sex then she laughed at how small u were? OR maybe she laughed at how small u were then u guys had ball crushing sex? i dont know either one is hilarious.

bpell15 5

Make her massage them till they feel better.

bme pain olympics?

Even my spirits felt that as I read this...

redneck0328 5

ouchtown population: you

YDI genius for putting your balls in a fell swoop.

Andrew1122 0

*full swoop

hey Melissabritt your pretty cute :)

StopDropNRoll 11

My guess is foul swoop.

I don't think we're getting the full story here.

BiTeMeLuVv 9

Lmaooo Funny Shit .


8-but cups are so uncomfortable sometimes!

r6_fml 4

I think it would be a "fail" swoop

I find this hard to masturbate to.

Lol what did you do to her to make her crush your ballz :D

No where in this fml does it say she said he has a tiny dick.

tandem123 6

I trust OP to know what they're talking about. They probably meant "fell"

konot9 1

You should definitely crush her smelly vagina for that.

#8 your a girl........

Ouch! that sucks. I'm sorry.. some Ice and ice cream might help!

on his balls or to eat?

Too eat off his balls...

ouch that sounds like it really hurts wish I know the whole story

Yeah, OP might deserve it

So it was good sex?

reallytho3 11

It depends, some dudes have tht ball crushing fetish or wutever

mynameis1339 0

Who doesn't love getting their balls crushed?

i know right? screw bjs.

I start with a rubber band, an icepack and a knife.

I lik gud sexin Whoooo dudnt lololololrolfffff ....hahaha FML rulzzzzzz u r a l l noobzzzzz....

103- my mom is a nurse, i will get you help

fauxyhaha 0

103- What are you saying ?!

a_nutritionist 10

@114 hes too far gone, theres nothing they can do to save him. the only humane thing is to take him out back and put him down. ill get the hammer...

doglover339 4

Dude learn how to spell no one freakin understands what ur saying!!


-103 U have a serious problem with the word noob ......

94 u knew that way to well. How often do u do that?

He has a noob and demon fetish.

Drummerboy1234 0

71 there's this thing called a crushing video. (it was on a thousand ways to die) where a dude gets giant as fat chicks and has them smash into him while he's laying down on a bed. they video tape it then watch it when they are done. it's supposed to be like the worlds best porn for people who love that kinda thing.

radioedit 7


Don't worry, there will always be others, girls that is, sorry about your testicles

dickydickman 0

the other girls may also crush his testicles...

koolman222 0


thepandawh0re 2

I it a diglet or a surprised face?

dyble95 0

I can't form an opinion with such little detail. If you were groping here then you need to be reminded that not all woman like it and keep track.

dyble95 0

No one gets my fml reference? -_-

Groping contest anyone?????

madskittlesftw 5

... wut?

Am I the only one who feels there is not enough info on this fml?

jeanaj 0

I was thinkin the same thing..