By lovehurts - 14/10/2013 16:02 - United States - Wayne

Today, I was hanging out with a guy I like. We climbed a tree to watch the sunset, and as the sun went down, I kissed him. He fell out of the tree. FML
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Well you were almost sitting in a tree K I S S I N G

emirie 21

I hope the tree wasn't too tall.


emirie 21

I hope the tree wasn't too tall.

Cheer up OP, he may think it was worth it. :-)

Your kiss was so fantastic that you blew him away, right out of the tree.

\ 28

I'm happy to hear and surprised that people still do romantic things like this. I thought they became anachronisms

Am I a bad person for hoping the tree was moderately tall?

It's like straight out of a cheesy romantic comedy!

klovemachine 24

Love hurts sometimes

Wow must have been some kiss

Obviously her kiss stumped him

Aww !! I hope he's ok and did he jump to get away from you ? Because if he did that's horrible !

Llama_Face89 33

Probably just surprise.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

#2 It said fell not jumped.

qwapteam 8


There should be a "his life sucks" option

Seriously. Op could have paralyzed him.

Yes...because OP is an evil genius and has mastered the kiss of death.

Uh people fall off little ladders all the time and break their necks. It's not that funny. Some "little" accident changing someone's life

@98- You do have a valid point. I had a friend in elementary school who was sitting on the hood of a car one day and fell. The way she hit her head took her out of this world- it was a freaky thing. Thing is though, it's life. We fall down and go boom even as adults, and luckily there usually isn't serious damage. I believe the general rule is if no one got injured, it's ok to laugh; and since this made it to FML I thing we're in the clear :)

Goblin182 26

Gravety, it's the one law we all have to follow.

I wish that grammar is a law which we all have to follow...

heinous966 15

You must be stunning.

AnOriginalName 19

No, but she is drop-dead gorgeous.

He fell for her

He got paralyzed by her beauty.

Well you were almost sitting in a tree K I S S I N G

haha this made me giggle

\ 28

more like F-A-L-L-I-N-G

misslady23 10

Lol I laughed at this comment :) But to OP I hope he's okay

All fun and games until someone falls out of the tree..

skulskinator 5

That's one hell of a kiss

JustStella 28

For real. This is romance movie status right here. Absolutely adorable. I hope he isn't hurt!

Kiss of death mwahaha

He fell for you like the apple fell for Isaac Newton.

He was falling for you

I see what you did there lol

rdenkewicz 11

More like falling from her.

29, we all did.

Oh shit...I really hope he's okay!