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By single - 27/03/2020 05:15 - Canada

Today, I was going to propose to my girlfriend of 3 years. I checked the box with the ring to make sure it was still there, and saw a piece of paper in it. It said, "No." FML
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Best you found out that way than out in public esp. in a fancy restaurant with all eyes upon you....


Best you found out that way than out in public esp. in a fancy restaurant with all eyes upon you....

You need to buy a bigger ring until she says yes.

I would make sure she wrote that note. 3 years is a long time to invest in someone that you’re planning to say no to.

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Some people just don’t believe in marriage, doesn’t matter if it’s 3 years or 30years

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there's more options than that. don't project.

I knew a guy where his girlfriend said no after 7 years. he saved for ages so he wouldn't need to be in debt. She said that he took too long and she didn't wanna hurt his feelings cuz she stopped loving him.

Damn.... Better break up than staying loveles for years, she would've made them both a favor :/

AGAIN. Marriage isn't a surprise. You should BOTH know you want to get married, discussed it, planned to marry relatively soon, even planned if she wanted to pick the ring. The only thing that's a surprise is HOW and WHEN you propose. That's it. Marriage isn't a movie, it's a huge commitment that you should already both be on the same page for.

some women won't say it outright and expect to know when she is ready

Then unfortunately, you'd have someone who has no idea what they're really looking for other than excitement. If you've not discussed it and you/other one wants it, bring it up first. Always. Doesn't matter if it ruins a mood. This is your life too!

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You should've hidden it from her.

Itsheragain 9 hoping you reconsider

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I wonder what she did with the ring

Fml?, you dodge a bullet!. Why would you want to marry???