By rosecolas - United States - Falls Church
Today, I was given a building key that students aren't supposed to have because they'll lose it. I told my coach I wouldn't lose the key. The same key disappeared not even 20 minutes later without a trace. I still can't find it, and it's been an hour. FML
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By  Colon_Man  |  17

My ex-wife is notorious for this.
Once we were at Wal-Mart and she begged me to let her hang onto the debit card.

After she ground me down I let her.

She made it two aisles.

And, in that time someone had found it and turned it into lost and found - which means, she dropped it almost immediately.

She has had sooooo many cell phones over the years that you don't even bother putting her number into your phone.

By  rosecolas  |  15

OP Here! The key was under some water bottles I put on the shelf when I was moving some stuff around. It was an incredibly tiny key that I kept looking over. All was fine afterwards.