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Today, I was on my third date with this really cute girl. After a very romantic evening, I decided to go for the first kiss, but because of my nervous reflex in which I get bloody noses, I ended up bleeding all over her face. FML
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one time my nose randomly started bleeding when I was making out with someone and we just laughed about it. if she is worth your time she will understand.

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YDI for being on your third date with this really cute girl. After a very romantic evening, you decided to go for the first kiss, but because of your nervous reflex in which you get bloody noses, you ended up bleeding all over her face.

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should have taken some calming drug if you knew you would be getting nervous

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lol marinus, you've found a way to comfort the ops?

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ugh! OP i hope u have a clean bill of health thts nasty

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I'm sorry op!! that sucks but if she doesn't understand then she's not the girl for you!!

If cum comes out her nose then it's an Alaskan Fire Dragon!

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there's an anime reference to be made...

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should keep a condom over his nose

Oh my Skroal. I am so proud of you. you have shown us all that you can read and then copy said reading back word for word. I bet your mommy is so proud of her little immature baby. At least she told me she was last night in bed.

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honestly? could you be more hypocritical, you just called him an immature baby and then mad a "I slept with your mom last night joke", yea very mature. look at yourself before you tell someone else to, dumbass.

ROFL!!! I don't get it. where were u bleeding FROM that got it on ur face?

Oh wait... I thought it said BODY NOISES. nvm

36 read your name and shut the **** up

Yes 27! Skroal should **** riiiiight off!

dude get your blood pressure checked, seriously... then laser the hell out of your nose...

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YDI for attempting to blood kiss. icky...

Skroal stomper, you are acting way more immature then skroal. Just sayin.

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wait.. when u get nervous u bleed from the face? thats gotta be the worst defense mechanism ever. fyl

#67 I agree, that's a pretty unfortunate nervous reflex! I used to get panic attacks when I was nervous (and sometimes I still do).

57 Says the boy with the flaming ball in his hand.

skroal stomper that doesn't make any sence.

74 It makes perfect sense (the correct way to spell it). You make comments about being immature but you have to try to impress by having a pic of you doing something dangerous. That's immature.

Ohhhhh I get it! You're judging me by my picture! That's definetly a mature thing to do. I smell hypocracy.

dont bother with skroal_stomper, illmatic. you'll just be feeding the troll (btw, I think skroal is funny...well, it's more of how you guys react that makes me lol. for example, he already has one stalkerhater :3)

It's just like the animes where people get explosive nosebleeds from seeing naked women :3

I think skroal has more then one stalker already. I just felt like pointing out his hypocracy.

87 you got it. hit the nail right on the head. have I ever denied it? Nope. I guess you just have to deal with it.

I'll deal with it lol :). You don't bother me. And you are going to have to deal with skroal. Especially if you keep giving him the attention that he wants.

stop hating on skroal.. he adds to the fml

92 how does repeating the post word for word add to the humor?

90 you think it bothers me? wow I guess you know me so very well. did u ever stop to think I do it because I like ******* with him? he dosent bother me at all. I do see that you are bothered by me by how you have to respond to me. I can say mission successful looser.

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YDI for thinking you could kiss a girl, fatass.

YDI for waiting till the third date. Prude.

Hahaha @ skroalstomper!! Illmatic if we can't judge you by your picture what else are we supposed to judge you on? If the Internet has taught us anything... (& I agree holding a flaming fireball with dopey look on your face = immature, well unless you are recreating Mario that would be awesome but I don't see a Mario costume. So next time you make fireballs dress up in Marios special fireball costume n then take a picture, it will be much more awesome and less immature of you)

95 it's because he goes through the trouble of rewording it to get a laugh through ppls replies. I don't know how to explain it but I wen through like 10 fmls and I saw skroal rewording and than I saw like 20 ppl bash him but it was funny what they were saying.. he knows that though. it's all about what u find funny, to him doing this is funnier than than the fml.

well op. at least you did not puke on her

You can judge me by what I say in my comments. btw I still don't see how my picture is immature. My friend and I were bored one day and we did this just for fun. I really don't see anything wrong with that.

#8 - nice pic. is that a baroque organ? like with manually operated bellows?

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skrol stomper was made to destroy the evil skrol

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makes me remember the 'Blood Brothers' from Superbad. :D

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how exactly could it get worse than mid-makeout, blowing bloody snotbubbles all over your dates face...?

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wow I was gonna kiss my girlfriend for the first time on my third date (and I still will) I just hope that doesn't happen to me lol

Culd been worse... she culda bled on ur face :P if u know what I mean

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yea, you could've puked on her like the girl on a different FML only like six down.

one time my nose randomly started bleeding when I was making out with someone and we just laughed about it. if she is worth your time she will understand.

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it's probably not a reaction but started because your blood pressure went up coming through the wall of your nose

I agree it could have been worse -- maybe she will think it's cute that you make her nervous >.>

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I think it's kinda cute that he waited till the third date :D

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yea it could of been worse if she really likes you she won't care.

Bloody hell! Though you might be able to save that one. Tell her you only get bloody noses in very close proximity to amazingly gorgeous women. But then again that could put her off you too. Next time shove a tampon up your nose! ;-)

Yes, because a tampon in your nose wouldn't put anyone off :D

ahahah shove a tampon in your nose!!! lmao

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so sorry. I get nosebleeds too

Keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding love....

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ahaha she'd have to be really naïve for that..

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