By Anonymous - 19/05/2010 17:03 - United Kingdom

Today, I was forced to spend three hours looking at a fat guy's butt crack, seated directly in front of me in an exam. I'm pretty sure it lowered my grade. FML
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ghembob 2

Well.. you didn't have to stare at his ass crack. Your own fault for looking down there in the first place.

don't blame another persons ass crack for your failing grade. that's an even worse excuse than "my dog ate my homework"


ghembob 2

Well.. you didn't have to stare at his ass crack. Your own fault for looking down there in the first place.

Yes, but some sights are just too revolting to not look at.

Well if you feel obligated to look at something nasty then you're one very stupid bitch... or just won't admit you like the view

I know what 11 means... you look.. shake your head in disgust...go back to the task at hand... look again.. make an even more grossed out face.. it can continue a long time lol.

Move your head or your desk or tell him to pull him up cuz he's "lookin like a fool wit ya pants on da ground!"

26- aha. I do that all the time. It's just too revolting of an image to not look. Kinda like car accidents.

ticklemechantell 0

11 is's impossible not to look sometimes

GiRIsMakingCupca 0

rite becuz that makes purfectt sense 2 mehh:P naww jk jk

facingforeverr 0

I bet if it was a girl u would think otherwise

actually girl or guy, fat or thin, a butt crack hanging out is just unnattractive. haha

66 true but a fat guys crack is definetly the worst.

op what u do is blow on the crack so he feels it getting cold than he'll hopefully pull his shorts up and cover that nasty

^ my comment wasnt supposed to go yhere and yeah 66 cracks usually aren't too pretty but a hot girls is at least nicer but I'm assuming that it don't matter anyway cuz op is either a girl or gay cuz no self respecting heterosexual man would atrae at a guys ass for three hours. (no homophobic slurs here please not ban me!)

uhhh blow on his butt crack? that just too weird...what if someone saw what you were doing? that would be super akward.

spit right in his butt hole. that would be funny

bubbarific 0

somebody get the ceilant, we got a crack back here

tehamericanboy94 0

Throw a pencil in it, that will get his attention.

rallets 22

"lisa needs braces, dental plan!"

gah during my ap English exam the guy beside me kept coughing loogies and suckin them down his neck. so disturbingly distracting :/ I feel for you

1, agree. there was no "force" that held your head there. you should have slipped a pencil down there. he would have caught the hint.

unless there was someone holding your head forward prying open your eyes and threatening you to look, you really were not forced to look.

I didn't like this FML until the last sentence, then it was ******* awesome:P

ashlynn610 12

haha 11 that always happens to me!!

Melaniee_fml 0

28 is my heroo. but seriously op don't be such a baby about it. just tell him. it happens.

You're from the UK so you can claim you were ill (nauseous) and get some extra marks ;D

OhHolaAlli 0

come onnn, it's not like you HAD to look. I guess it was just one of those things where you can't stop staring and it bothers you lol.

Hey calexis, here is a bigger accident. It is me! Just watch as long as u can! :D

NatDancer -- I HATE stuff like that. For my Medieval History final, the person right behind me was sniffling and coughing the whole time, and I felt like they were coughing right on my neck.

popatia 0

26. Is that what you do when you look in the mirror?

pingpongpickle 8

lol47 and 50 , nice conversation


Well if u didn't stare at his crack so long u might hav done better on that exam.

ssoccerchick97 16

@58, what if its a guy whose FML this is?

There's a moooooon out tonight. Shouldve adjusted your test/held it up to block it up.

o thats horrible, it happened to me at a concert...I felt like throwing up :(

facingforeverr 0

if seeing someones ass crack makes you want to throw up, then you have an extremely weak stomach. how do you possibly function daily?

don't blame another persons ass crack for your failing grade. that's an even worse excuse than "my dog ate my homework"

It's ironic how your picture is "Grammar Nazi", yet your comment has grammatical errors.

xHabsfanx 0

Well that's your fault for checking out his fat ass, no one forced you to look at it. You should have thrown some eraser bits at his butt crack, maybe that'd make him pull up his pants.

littlemissdqgirl 8

oh come on now, you know you liked it;-P

iBramoh 0

why always the fat ppl have to show thier ass crack to the world

bandgeek_bri 0

ok, there's this thing, it's called look away and stare at ur test! dumbass!

Dude...You could have just looked at your test instead of looking at some random fat guy's butt crack.