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  Jennifra  |  0

I know what 11 means... you look.. shake your head in disgust...go back to the task at hand... look again.. make an even more grossed out face.. it can continue a long time lol.

  seanreddog  |  4

^ my comment wasnt supposed to go yhere and yeah 66 cracks usually aren't too pretty but a hot girls is at least nicer but I'm assuming that it don't matter anyway cuz op is either a girl or gay cuz no self respecting heterosexual man would atrae at a guys ass for three hours.
(no homophobic slurs here please not ban me!)

  Spastastic  |  6

NatDancer -- I HATE stuff like that. For my Medieval History final, the person right behind me was sniffling and coughing the whole time, and I felt like they were coughing right on my neck.

By  xHabsfanx  |  0

Well that's your fault for checking out his fat ass, no one forced you to look at it. You should have thrown some eraser bits at his butt crack, maybe that'd make him pull up his pants.