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Dance with your hamster?

Take the hamster in a tuxedo


Aw man that's gotta suck! Better luck next time?

yeah just bring your hamster? those things got hips!

Don't complain!!! Put that furry little bastard in a tuxedo, go to your homecoming and party!!! ;) everyone will be jealous that they don't have a hamster for a date >:)

Isn't that illegal in most states? Just sayin...

17- Lol, you're 14 comments too late with that suggestion ma'am. :)

20: I'm suggesting that OP take the hamster to the dance, not to rape it ._.

give it a tuxedo and you'll get all the girls ;)

You should put him/her in a tux or dress! It would be so cute!

Taking hamsters to homecoming is illegal, 20? :O

no worries, boys have cooties anyway.

Kudos OP for bringing bestiality to the table, this boring only human parties need to stop!

What's with all this talk about bringing your hamster with you? You might as well bring your mom or dad (depending on what gender you are) with you instead while your at it.

Go stag! If you have a horse, too. If not, go rodent. I don't know about you, but I heard Hamtaro is an excellent date.

And I have my cobra.

I believe he means 'Handster'

Dance with your hamster?

I hear hamsters are very dependable creatures. So good for you! :)

It would be cute... It be like sturart little :)

Oh god, the hamster dance. I just went back in time.

Hamsters need love too!

Take the hamster in a tuxedo

I'll go with you, my names Curtis Jackson

Why, do you have a problem with naked hamsters?

Why do you have a problem with clothed hamsters? Ehhh?

Hey, hamsters have feelings too.

And this hamster feels like cutting a rug. Tuxedo, please!

Tht would look soo adorable!

today I'll be happier than a seal with a beach ball.

Your date is a hamster?

Somebody's trying a bit too hard to seem like she knows how memes work.

I'm surprised she doesn't have technologically impaired ducklips.

U look like a fucktard in ur picture

Dress him up and take him/her.

I feel like you should have also written him/her where you wrote "Dress him up".. not just the second part. xx

Awww a hamster in a tuxedo :)

No need to fret, you will have someone. :)

You will be prom king and queen at homecoming haha for the cutest couple or it goes to ur brother and the girl with the hamster!!!!!!

Go single,leave taken. Not too late!

U can go to homecoming with ur date hamster! Is his name Hamtaro??

Hamtaro? No way.. Hammy is a better name! (;

When I was in the 6th grade, I was in charge of the hamster. But then one day I got a cold and couldn't come to school for 3 days, and when I got back it was dead. And everyone called me hamster killer, and made a big deal out of it. But the thing was, they'd never once taken care of a hamster in their entire lives and yet they feel they can blame me for what happened, hoe dare they!

hamtaro= total weaboo

Hamster killer

aww well best of luck to u! it will get better