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By  PenguinPal3017  |  19

Gotta go fast!

By  PenguinPal3017  |  19

Gotta go fast!

By  ViviMage  |  38

OBJECTION!! Your name isn't Phoenix Wright!

By  GrumpyGrinch  |  23

This is textbook bullying, done by person of authority, involving minors, blah, blah, blah,,, No teacher has any right to make any comment on the student's looks (apart from how you should wear your uniform if there is one). And have the class vote? WOW. Disrespectful AF. Even if it was meant as a joke, the bullies in the crowd in the future will see this as a free pass. Get his sorry ass fired: first get your parents involved, go to school principal, to school board, regional education authority. Luckily you got plenty of witnesses.

  RichardPencil  |  30

Nah, textbook bullying is where the victim is hassled for having to work from used textbooks, and in turn, they bully people using loose-leaf editions.

The insanity has to stop!