By buttcrack - United States
Today, I got fired. To make things worse, I had to sit in three-hour bumper to bumper traffic, waiting for a wreck to clear on my way home. In front of me was a fat man with a hairy butt crack on a motorcycle. I was forced to stare at a fat, underwear-less man's ass for 3 hours. FML
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  myelm17  |  9

Agreed. Why jump to conclusions? I mean, you could see his crack, sure. But he was still obviously wearing pants. Who's to say his underpants weren't also just riding a little low?

  null_fml  |  11

Yeah, one star for killing the motorcyclist... then what? Don't tell me you pull over and let the cops haul you in! You keep going.

#5's comment obviously meant that OP should go for the goal of six stars because she has nothing to lose anymore, and that running over the fat dude would start her on her way.

Call someone a dumbass AFTER you learn how to follow a train of thought for more than three words.

  Melkezidech  |  0

Today, while on my way home from my new job position that opened-up this morning, I got stuck in 3hrs worth of traffic. As if that wasn't enough, some weirdo behind me was staring at my ass like it was their new best friend. FML.