By arachnidphobia - 03/01/2010 03:22 - United States

Today, I was fined because my son pushed the alarm button in the elevator. Why? There was a spider in there. FML
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maybe you should write a letter to your congressman about the injustice.

Today, I was minding my own business when this kid tried to hammer me to death. Then ear piercing alarms went off. It's been five hours, I still can't hear. FML


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first uo

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Looks like it's time to teach that boy how to be a MAN.

what a joke! when you press the alarm button, all it does is buzz until you let I go! FAKE!!!

haha thts hilarious!

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I really hope your son is under 10 years old. Anything older would just be kind of sad...unless he has extreme arachnaphobia.

thats fuckin bullshit ihad 2 sign in and this meathead got first comment!

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maybe you should write a letter to your congressman about the injustice.

Or, at the very least, go back and push every floor button of every elevator in the building. Don't let the system push ya around.

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Well it could've been poisonious. I doubt it was a huge fine either way. Still sucks for you, I guess.

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wtf is with all these comments ending in tht myspace thing.

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Haha, that's hilarious. Poor kid, you can't really blame him for hitting it, he was scared!

Well first of all if ur son's age were 9 then he acted pretty dumb of himself because he would know what consequenses aré implementing for him and Also his Dad. But the Dad were careless of letting the kid letting of his own. ;) btw im post 1 ..... whoops :D

Naw, just educated in New Jersey public schools.

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32 ur a grammar Nazi so stfu

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