By I_Am_The_Cold - Canada - Maple Ridge
Today, I realized how much of an invisible artist I am when I got a little excited when someone stole my art. FML
I_Am_The_Cold tells us more :
Original Poster here. I made an account a long time ago and used this bad occurrence as a last ditch effort to get an FML up. I gave up on my account and posted anonymously, so, here I am. Yes, some fool stole my art and posted it to their site claiming it as their own. I got a bit excited that someone liked my art enough to do SOMETHING with it, but then a few minutes later, the logic set in. It's down now, thankfully.
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  Welshite  |  39

I can't help but disagree. Stealing is stealing. The thief could have cited or gave credit to the original artist if they had any respect for the creator/creation. As it is, they are claiming someone else's effort and hard work as their own.

  derangedplanet  |  23

And be the most crazy bastard of the Era. it might help to see things that don't exist as well. "good luck to you on your voyage through artistdom may the crazy be ever in your favor"

  MonstreBelle  |  28


  Metalslipp  |  15

That...hardly made any sense. And just so you know, people can cover your signature. I've had it happen to me, which is unfortunately why now a days there's a huge watermark over photos and photos of art.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

Art thieves tend to steal art online, not paintings or physical, and steal it to sell prints or such. The art belongs to the artist and they have the right to it unless they give permission or sell it to someone else. Some art thieves also don't even sell it, just want to look better than they are. Which is still stealing but a lesser degree. All is extremely disrespectful to artists and I've seen many artists ready to quit because of it.

  mettaton  |  9

I have signatures on all of my art. Art thieves cover them so that people think they were the ones that did the art. I've gotten my art stolen, the person sold prints of it, and it took a while until somebody notified me of what had happened. Its not that they 'give it back', its just that you have to fight with them until they agree to take it down.