By epic174 - 07/10/2014 22:15 - United States

Today, my sister told me about her upcoming trip to Mexico. I asked her how she was going to do anything without knowing any Spanish. She told me she's "just going to read their lips". FML
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I would love to see her followed with a hidden film crew to document this.

Yeah, she's going to Mexico. Idiot.


I would love to see her followed with a hidden film crew to document this.

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Yeah, she's going to Mexico. Idiot.

How do you know the sister isn't a college graduate and was just using some humour?

When did this "going places" thing become so overused and misapplied?

@12 How do we know? Well, perhaps since the sibling posted this on fml?

Since people started making witty comments and getting thumbed up.

Lawl laughing at you haters

No, you are not 'rite' you are not even close to 'right'

It's really irritating when people reuse comments on here

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You know, if you stopped after that first sentence, this comment might not have been so terrible.

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When did OP say she was going to a resort? And knowing some of the native tongue is always helpful when traveling.

If you go to any country that does not speak your language it is polite to at least learn the essential phrases. I would personally Learn as much as I could before travelling and then use my time there to learn about the culture, language, and cuisine. There is no reason to travel to anywhere unless the you want to learn about it. People shouldn't travel just to see pretty things it should broaden their understanding of the world, or at least thats my opinion.

#25 is my hero. And I agree completely. It should be a learning experience, an expansion of the mind.

I completely agree with 25 . Try an blend with the culture and learn the basics if possible, but I have been in the position where I had no idea how to speak the language but made it through other means of communication. Pointing, gestures , facial expression , et, but this was in medical emergencies where planning ahead of time wasn't an option.

That's hilarious xD How does she think she can manage to read their lips when Spanish words are coming out of them?

that's why it's an FML.

So precious! But that's the joke

Good luck with that one

everybody knows how to speak English

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Maybe in Mexico, but I can assure you that the same isn't true here in Italy, where not only few people know how to speak a foreign language, but many have serious difficulties even with Italian. I'm not joking, even if I'd like to.

discussion is about mexico not Italy right now.

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#23 (#5) Having just spent a crazy three weeks in Mexico I can assure you that no not everybody knows how to speak English in Mexico, far from it. I was very grateful for my basic Spanish skills more than once.

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That's not true. I live in Florida and half the people I come in contact with here don't even speak English.

well let's how that works out for her (:

you're both not that clever, you dont need to speak the language just for a trip, English will do.

People speak Spanish in Mexico, not English.

A lot of people know English so she should be fine. There has to be at least someone who can help her out

Yup, specially if she's an attractive woman. LOL


Get her a phase book. That's what my dad did when my family took family trips to Spain.