By Orangehead - United States
Today, I went shopping with some friends. We were tired from walking around the mall all night, so we decided to sit and relax at a table. I was about to close my eyes when I got smacked on the forehead by an orange falling from the second floor of the mall. FML
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By  airninja  |  2

You've gotta be shitting me... an orange? I hope it wasn't one of those radioactive oranges that are known to fall from the second story of most malls.

  ZleveL  |  0

yeah the ones that scout for targets, request permission to take the shot from baseplate, then go in for the kill and parachute down, slap the persons forehead, then get taken away by Little Bird helicopters.

Orange- *we got a confirmed kill*
baseplate command- *Roger that Orange 2-1-7*

By  TheSuitGuy  |  0

OMG! An orange hit you? Jesus Christ, stop the presses! This is front page news! We need to set up a charity for this poor, poor-
Man, what the hell is wrong with you? An orange hit you. Big. Fucking. Deal. Get over it.
YDI for being a total wimp.

  BeeSkwaird  |  0

What irks me is how he starts the FML with completely unrelated whining about how tired he was.

OP, you weren't shopping "all night." The mall isn't open all night! What are you, 10? I bet you are.