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Today, I was feeling really down and insecure after a friend joked about how small my boobs are. When my grandma got me to tell her what happened, she reassured me that all the girls in our family were late bloomers. I said "Really?" and she replied, "Oh no dear. Quite the opposite." FML
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Don't feel sad! Big boobs can be frustrating if you are the one who has to bear them. Someone will like them. :)

boobs are boobs, size doesnt matter


Don't feel sad! Big boobs can be frustrating if you are the one who has to bear them. Someone will like them. :)

Exactly! With big boobs comes the higher likelihood of skin problems (rashes, irritation, gross underboob sweat, etc.) sagging at a young(er) age, stretch marks, back/neck/shoulder problems, clothing/shopping issues, other health issues, and all sorts of other things. Plus there is sometimes unwanted attention and even women with big(ger) breasts get made fun of! I guess the grass is always greener though...

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Also large boobs aren't as sensitive! It's hard to read and you can never see your toes! Small boobs are much better!

Who cares how big they are? They don't make you who you are. That's on the inside.

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#27-Everything you said was spot on. I was an "early bloomer" and I hate the neck and back pain I get from having larger breasts. Exercising is always frustrating because even a sports bra doesn't stop the bouncing when I run! I do sometimes wish I was smaller, but in the end, we women have to realize that our boobs are for feeding babies. No matter what size boobs are, they will always be capable of their purpose.

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I used to be really insecure about my small chest but I've learned to love it. I would look strangely proportioned if they were any bigger and all my friends refer to them as 'their favorite tits'.

The trick is to wear two sports bras. That's what my mom did in basic training in the military

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I love every size of boobs. Small ones can be so hot. It all depends on your body type.

grandma strikes again

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How do the other areas compare? >.> Lol

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Wrong time to say that...

There's never a right time to say that.

It's always the right time to say that!

Big boobs sag quicker. So in the long run, you're better off.

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On short runs too.

Count on your grandparents to be brutally honest and you'll never be let down. Don't worry too much though every guy has different tastes just like every girl does.

Never ask, "Really?" After hearing something you wanted to hear if you aren't prepared to be told that it was a lie. You might have to face brutal honesty.

You've got nothing to worry about. There are plenty of guys out there (myself included) who prefer smaller boobs. Keep your chin up!

boobs are boobs, size doesnt matter

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That's the most manliest answer.

Penis's are penis's too but most guys obsess over size... Girls aren't the only ones with size insecurities. Wish we could all just love our bodies!

You just gave us the answer for a lifetime. Thank you! :)

#66 I'll only love my body when I lose enough weight.

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I'm tired of loving my own body. I want to love someone elses body.

Boobs are boobs. I was a "late bloomer" - and I wish I hadn't bloomed at all. You'll get there. And even if you don't - they're just physical attributes. They don't define you. You'll learn to love your body for other reasons. :)

Honestly boobs are boobs.