By Whytetrash - 20/06/2013 06:32 - Australia - Sydney

Today, a customer broke my nose for refusing to give him a discount because the product he was buying had a fine layer of dust on the box. FML
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Tell him - "U broke it, you pay for it!"


Really? are you sure?

Battery, 1. Legally, assault is threatening to do something. Assault is to hold a bat up at someone with a seeming intent to hurt them with it, battery is actually taking the swing and hurting the person.

Taking the swing is still assault. It doesn't become battery until/unless the swing connects.

broke nose it connected

perdix 29

#1, I doubt the dust was a salt. Most generic dust is made of soil, insect remains and flakes of dead skin.

I think YOU misread that. It was a joke.

Thanks captain.

In the state of Oregon, we don't have a battery charge, just different levels of assault. This is definitely assault I, if not aggravated assault.

fat_snooki_lol 6

Assault. The only 'battery' we have in Australia is in our cars, etc.

fat_snooki_lol 6

Same as Canada. God save the Queen.

That's a little extreme...

iammeorami 25

That IS extreme.

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You'd be surprised how often customers can flip out like this. I used to work do customer service over the phone so I never worried over physical injury. I happened upon a cool site... The stories are priceless on there.

I hate it when I get a fine layer of dust on my box. ;)

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Some people just think the world revolves them! Sorry OP for having to deal with such an idiot.

Tell him - "U broke it, you pay for it!"

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You break you buy!! Lol

The item or the nose?

Hope you called the cops and pressed charges against him.

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Mary Poppins would not be pleased with the dust layer. You better hope she doesn't magically appear and scold you.

Sounds like an idiot to be honest..

What an idiot. Please press charges.

OP, this guy sounds dangerous! I hope you pressed charges because the next person may get more than a broken nose!! Do your civic duty and get this arse nugget off the street and into the prison showers where he can learn to receive instead of dishing it out like he did to you!!!

your butthole before prison o your butthole after prison O