By VtecKickIn - United States
Today, I was driving with my girlfriend. As we turned onto our block, she shrieked that our dog was running down the street and into traffic. I jumped out of the moving car and chased him for about a mile, only to give up, go home, and find out it wasn't our dog. FML
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  rohosoccer08  |  1

that sucks, I just chase my dog all over in the car for an hour and a half then after I give up, she gives up and comes home, but I usually can tell my dogs apart from others

  Giorgio272  |  2

guess it's the guys fault this time. these lyrics will help clarify.

bitch! cause they"s says you a boss notch. there ain't no refunds this ain't no cash main.

  cupcake147  |  0

the dog was probably the same breed as their dog, and they saw it at a distance and from a moving car, so it probably looked a lot like her dog. also, OP chased it for a long time, so he obviously thought it was the same dog as well.


ya I'm with 52, how did the girl "do it on purpose?" she just screamed cuz she thought she saw their dog about to be run over? op is the one who jumped out of the car in traffic, she never told him to. he was probably trying to impress her

  raineydayes  |  0

Dogs can be smart as hell though. Lots of times dogs chase something because of instinct and they just can't control themselves, that doesn't make them stupid... Man it bothers me when people say an animal is dumb just because they are doing something we don't understand. Sorry that you chased the dog OP, but at least you were man enough to chase after him through traffic! Ha, I bet the OP wears Old Spice! :)

  cheergirly16  |  0

no I'm sorry I didn't really mean that...just silly sometimes. I know they are really smart. sometimes I wonder why my dog continues to eat cat poop in the backyard when it makes him nothing clicks and says oh, maybe I shouldn't be eating this? lol