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  doctorhook86  |  24

I seriously don't understand why #4 is being downvoted. Didn't y'all's mothers teach you guys that eating while lying down is the easiest way to choke yourself to death? Also, crumbs in bed: fuck that.

By  garrett_8614  |  14

How did you not notice the room was flooding?
Also do you live in a dorm room? Because if that's the case, you may want to get someone to take care of that. Nobody likes a room full of water :(

  garrett_8614  |  14

Of course not, but in my experiences in dorm rooms you usually have to go and get someone in the building to take care of any issues that may be wrong in the room.

By  xx_alexmagm_xx  |  12

Well, to be fair, your roommate was trying to take care of the problem while OP was eating and lying down simultaneously, which is quite a feat. You should take pride in yourself OP