By Anonymous - 30/04/2011 19:03 - United States

Today, my bladder decided to empty itself while I was on a rollercoaster. FML
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bengermin 5

And that's why I ALWAYS wear diapers.

You went WEEEEE on da rollercoaster :P


bravesfan112233 0

the people below watching probably weren't expecting showers

littlemissFYL 5

and the little piggy went wee wee wee all the way ..down

I'm still wearing my pee pants

why does everyone on here rephrase simple sentences so they sound more like a dumbass?? you peed your pants OP. Peed your pants. not your bladders fault, your fault. ydi for pissing yourself.

spartanfan68 0

27 your pic is the shit lmao

ImaWiseGuy 5

ever heard of tha pinch off??

rafsta 0

the ride scared the shit out of you.Well in this case piss

l bet you enjoyed the after pictures

I think your bladder emptied itself BECAUSE you were on a rollercoaster

that mustve been a shitty situation for you and person next to you

inb4 realizing it was a golden shower on his pants. -facepalm-

no need to get... PISSY about it

Scared shitless

catrav77 0

Haha, it literally scared the shit out of 'em

jane79 0

it's more scared the piss out of them lol

More like scared pee-less. The FML says bladder, not bowels.

lol. op is so full of shit its migrated to his bladder and now he shits with his penis. Yet another example of how lying is bad(:

I wasn't calling the FML fake, if that's why I was moderated...

brokemysoul 0

I agree huh???? ^^^ what Did that mean?

It made sense to me, I guess i just fail (: and thanks Sirin, I don't mean to cause any trouble, m'dear :D

spartanfan68 0

why is every body in such a pissy mood

spartanfan68 0

what the fuck is up with your. pick

ripjohnlennon 5

47, it made sense to me to bro. ur not alone

iLikeBoyes22 0

thts exactly what I was gon say

JocelynKaulitz 28

This is why you should always go before getting on a roller coaster.

TwatRot69 0

Why? I love when people don't go pee before getting on the Roller Coaster, especially when I'm the lucky one to get the golden shower. ;)

thesunsetglow_fml 8

I wittnessed a kid shit himself at Disneyland.

strizz18 0

I witnessed a kid cum himself at disneyland

My sister shat herself in Disneyland

pardon my ignorance but is shat a typo or is it a real word?

Yes, shat is the past of shitting.

Mr_Darkside 5

that's lovely... bet the people waiting in line at the bottom had a worse day...

catrav77 0

"Today, I was at a theme park when all the sudden some guy peed on my head! FML."

Mr_Darkside 5

more like it started to rain yellow

catrav77 0

hahaha nastyy

today I sat in a puddle of piss on a roller coaster FML

kinga08 0

54, when I was in Universal Studios in Florida, I actually checked all the seats on the roller coasters before I sat on them for that very reason. Someone got on The Hulk a row in front of me and sat in something warm and wet. Yuckkkkk....

bengermin 5

And that's why I ALWAYS wear diapers.

Omg me too! I mean who wouldn't?? Lmfao.

tsim_fml 0

I wouldn't but its normal to wear diapers.

bengermin 5

Oh, not just at amusement parks, I meant in general.

jane79 0

ydi it for going to the bathroom before you got on the ride, and I feel sorry for who ever road with cause I'm sure they got some piss on them I just hope it did not do any loops cause it could of got in someones face eww

You might consider paying closer attention in English class. Sheesh.

Mr_Darkside 5

haha nice

Predental 5

"road" lol oh shit

oemgeezz 0

ydi 'for' going to the bathroom?

oemgeezz 0

ydi 'for' going to the bathroom?

guestxxx 0

113, reread the comment. It says "YDI 'it' for".

uncbballwins 0

116 I'm going to steal your cat k?

missy_lynn012 0

number 7 ydi it for talking ish and having multiple typos. i did ydi it on purpose btw.

its nice to see people with differences teaming up to crap on someone that lacks proper grammar skills.

drethereason 0

can you understand the words coming out of my mouth

jdeshnerx3 0

ydi for not going to the bathroom before you got on the ride. and I feel sorry for whoever rode with you because I'm sure they got some piss on them. I just hope it did not do any loops because it could have gotten on someone face, eew.

oh that sucks. I sure hope there was no one under you

umm... epic fail...

rookie mistake, always go to the bathroom before u go on a rollarcostar

PsychoMerk 0

sissy! >:D

sourgirl101 28

pissy! >:D

#10 not everyone can be the perfect person that you are, use ur super eating powers to belittle the OP, then kick his/her ass becuz u r superbad