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Today, I lost control of my vehicle while driving. The car went off the road, rolled over, and ended up being totaled. The policeman asked me if I was alright and I said I was. He seemed relieved at my answer. Then he handed me a $300 ticket for failing to maintain my lane. FML
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Same thing happened to me, OP. I lost control of my car from no fault of my own, bounced off a guardrail, shot across 3 lanes of highway, missed everyone else on the road, and hit the other guardrail. I was fine, missed everyone else on the road, but totaled my car. I called the highway patrol to report the accident, and when the cop showed up, he wrote me a $600 ticket for "speed too fast for conditions"...I asked how he was going to write me a ticket for something he wasn't there to witness and he just stared at me. Fought the ticket and won, I suggest you look into fighting it.

Holy shit Zeb, you win the ultimate Grammar Nazi prize of the day for that one.


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or maybe he was trying to get away from godzilla, that bitch can run!

#10, that would be totally excusable.

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the fact that op "lost control" and did not write a reason means its probably op's fault.

well technically you did do a barrel he has a fair point :D

Even after everything, be glad you're still alive! :) Money is just that, and worth much less. Move on after this and enjoy your life! :D

Police suck? He was doing his job. OP admitted that s/he lost control of the car, and these days the most likely culprits are driving while drunk or distracted. My bet would be either talking on the phone or texting. I would guess that if it had been a deer or something, OP would have mentioned it. So OP deserved it. It isn't the cop's fault OP can't drive. Don't be an idiot.

Holy shit Zeb, you win the ultimate Grammar Nazi prize of the day for that one.

I was laughing myself when I posted it, but hey, it's a French site, so you'd better not screw up a French word!

Obviously you are right, because when you are guessing, it can't NOT be right, right? Yeah, that's what I though. Learn to come up with some valid arguments before throwing around conclusions about whether someone 'deserves' an accident+fine or not.

That sucks, but at least you're alive. Were there hazardous road conditions? If not blame wildlife and fight the ticket, unless you were goin' 30+ over the speed limit and it was your fault, then go back to bein' happy your alive.

seriously?! your reccomendation is to go to court and commit a FELONY to try and beat a traffic ticket?

Dude, talk about salt in the wound. Did the cop kick you in the nuts afterwards too?

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I like to move it move it!! I like to....

HAHHA unlucky! you shoulda jus fainted as soon as he gave you the ticket!! :)

are you a woman? only a woman could do this.

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Well you shouldn't drink and drive..haha