By ayeayeboy19 - 11/09/2014 14:57 - United Kingdom - Edinburgh

Today, I was watching "My Strange Addiction". The woman featured ate rocks. While judging her weird habit, I realised I was chewing on a coat-hanger the whole time. FML
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Sometimes we gotta forgive people for being hypocrites. We gotta let OP off the hook!

At least you weren't actually eating it. But stop being a hypocrite OP.

he's not being a hypocrite guys, chill we all judge

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#46 is right. We all judge. If you don't judge, then you're a hypocrite. Damned if you do, damned if you don't...

You can try not to parka that hanger in your mouth. Hang that bad habit out to dry.

@8 - Not saying your comment made me wanna hang myself, but there's a note on my dresser with your name printed on it in case I change my mind.

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don't worry about, hang in there

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Some people do things with out knowing and that's okay to a certain extent

Agreed, if you were just chewing on it without thinking about it that's one thing. If you are eating something, like rocks, even though you know it is unhealthy for you yet continue to do it consciously, and even hide it, then there is a big problem.

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You're an idiot who chews on coat hangers. Not sure how that's an FML.

It's not always an addiction/habit. Just something that makes you... Happy I guess, in the moment.

Does this include drinking? Because thats a huge relief then

i like how your comment is about drinking, and then your whole profile is dedicated to weed. tok on man

coat hanger?? you mean with metal? ayayayayahh that hurts my teeth just thinking about it

"No wire hangers, ever!" I'm hoping it was a plastic one, though.

Arent alot of them like coated in something? Like plastic or rubber?

Eating rocks? Chewing on coat hangers? ... Wait... You're telling me everyone else doesn't do that too?

I still prefer chewing on Orbit but that's just me.

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I for one happen to like that taste of metal, in fact I'm chewing on my necklace chain right now.

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My headphone wires usually get the worst of my absentminded chewing...

yeah those are both a little strange but to each their own

Absent mindedly chewing things is kinda therapeutic to be fair

Yeah, I'll admit I've absentmindedly chewed on a coat hanger on some of the occasions that I actually happen to be holding one. It's the same as chewing pencils or nails or whatever. It's definitely not the same as literally eating rocks.

At first when I read nails I thought you meant metal nails for hammering. You meant finger nails, right?