By Joey Soprano - 18/8/2020 02:06

Bad boys, bad boys…

Today, I went to the DMV today and sat in line for over 6 hours to renew my driver's license. Even though with the pandemic, it's been extended to New Year's Eve but I decided to get it done and over with. I get called up to finish everything, only to find out my license is suspended. FML
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Not uncommon. I didn’t find out mine was suspended till years later. I transferred states and my old state suspended my license after I had it transferred to the new state for something to do with insurance. But they sent the paperwork to a old address. New state never caught it until I went to renew it three years later. Took over a month to sort it out.

By  Jaymail  |  17

I’d be willing to bet that the Author of this FML is a kid who hasn’t yet experienced everything an older adult would have. Let this be a lesson in life to this Author. Find out WHY your license was suspended. And work on activating it again. Good thing this “kid” didn’t find out their license was suspended by being pulled over for a a tail light that had gone out or something. Not having an active license also means there’s no actual insurance. So why are the premiums being paid?


Not necessarily. My license was suspended in another state and the current state I’m in didn’t catch it till I went to renew. I was told that when a state suspends a license, they’re supposed to enter that suspension into a system that is supposed to be checked by every state. But sometimes it’s not caught until someone comes to renew it. My insurance didn’t know either as my current state license was still active in their system. I was even pulled over at one point and given a ticket with my current license, and they still did not catch it.

  KingAdrock  |  16

No, there's nothing to suggest OP is a child. Licenses can be suspended for a variety of reasons, and the FML here is that most of those issues can't be fixed at the DMV. So OP wasted 6+ hours of their life for nothing, all while trying to do the right thing.

Also car insurance is on the CAR, not the driver.