By yummy(: - 31/10/2010 02:14 - United States

Today, my boyfriend, who is a great cook, decided to try his hand at baking. The cookies he made looked weird but tasted good. I jokingly said, "They taste great, but they look awful!" He responded by saying, "I could say the same thing about you." FML
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You know, that whole conversation really was... *puts on sunglasses* ... in bad taste.

Aww! Thats mean xD You deserve it for making fun of his cookies(:


Really? The funniest? Have you been in a coma?

it is pretty funny that he cracked like a little girl. bloody funny

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Haha wow that's cold. Are you just using your boyfriend to make food for you?

harsh words to hear from your boyfriend, eh?

next time eat fruits you'll taste better lol

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he said she tastes good by looks bad. not the other way around.