By c*nt - 13/04/2012 23:14 - Canada - London

Today, I was Skyping with this kid, when his girlfriend started arguing with him. They do this every other week, and there was a bet on when they'd finally break up. I egged the guy on and told him not to take her shit. She ended up dumping him. Now I feel like an asshole, and all for a lousy $20. FML
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You sound bored. Maybe it's time you got yourself a life.


Have some class and mind your own business.

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

Does OP not have anything better to do than ruining other people's (possibly already failing) relationships?

I mean, if OP were "interfering", per say, in a sincere manner like he sees she's a bitch and wants better for his friend, then it would be okay, but to break them up for a bet, what a douchebag. YDI.

7 - Although it was selfish, it sounds like he inadvertently did the guy a favor if they're arguing a shit ton.

lavitaebella_fml 0

^ They could have fought like an old married couple or something :( Don't get involved with what doesn't involve you next time, OP!

fuckmebutdontfml 16

Did he deserve the $20 or the feeling like an asshole? I agree he deserves...

elletex 8

Meh, don't feel too bad. All you told him was to man up and stop taking that crap from her which is what he should've done anyway.

Really? No one? I guess I'll have to do it: Why were you Skyping with some kid?

For ppl saying dont get involved if it doesnt involve you, does that include wen ppl r having affairs? Should people not tell the one being cheated on since it doesnt involve them? Relationships like that need the butting in. Most times those ppl r just in it to b w somebody n would rathr fight than leave

Dude $20 just to break a couple up I'd totally do it haha

You could buy some ice cream to make yourself feel better

Yeah. Getting fat will be your punishment.

Um, OR buy the kid some ice-cream and comfort him through his breakup!

Awes0meperson 10

You know, just because someone eats ice cream doesn't mean that they will get fat.

You sound bored. Maybe it's time you got yourself a life.

Nightwing98 22

Instead of ruining other people's

I agree! Maybe time to get a dog or a hobby

This FML is suspiciously vague.. I automatically pictured a chatroulette murderer.

thatssSs an ofensssSssive comment you got there.... *BOOM*

56, chatroulette murderer? All I ever get is ol men's dicks!

Damn_Hippster 11

Lol I love OP's name :p but that was a dick move.

youjustmademelol 4

Your not an asshole, your shit. The hell you messing up relationships for money?

Now, you can comfort the dude and give him $20 :D

Your profile pic & username are my two favorite things.

That's why he didn't put comfort* he put "comfort" you know, quotation marks? As in the phrase: You're "intelligent", you should help humanity. It seems to me like he was making a pedo joke since comforting usually involves hugs and such.

MrBrightside21 20

You need to get to the Wizard of Oz, because you need a heart, tinman.

...or a brain. Pretty stupid to not know you'll feel like this afterwards...

I thumbed you just for your profile pic

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i see what u did there >.>

Don't feel bad, it was bound to happen. In fact, you helped him out of his misery. You're a great friend and you probably saved yourself hours of hearing him complain.

scarface90 8

Yea but he didn't do it to be a good friend, he did it to win a lousy $20 bet, doesn't sound like a good friend but at least he's feeling guilty about it

Friend? Where in this FML does OP reference this "kid" as his friend? I don't even infer any type of close relationship between OP and this "kid" other than some casual acquaintance to whom he communicates weekly, which doesn't exactly necessitate a "friendship."

46- sounds like he won by default, not on purpose. 48-people skype with people weekly and not consider them a friend?

63 - Yes, it is possible for people to talk weekly even for years and still not consider that person a friend. Friendship is not based on the quanity of time two people share, but the quality of the relationship. Just because Facebook labeled every person you connect with a "friend" doesn't make it so in reality. Like the word "love," "friend" has become overused and has lost quite a bit of the original context to which it was attributed.

I wouldn't spend that much time on someone I didn't consider 'a friend' lol. That weekly skype would take away time from actual friends don't you think?

Don't feel too bad. The reason you feel like an asshole is because YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE.

Dammit, I was about to say the same thing.

Doc probably surgically removed the comment from your mind, so he could post it before you

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This is why people need to stay out of other peoples relationships

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