By anonymous - 27/12/2011 22:32 - United States

Today, I was driving home from work when I saw the woman in the car in front of me throw something out the window. Only when it landed on my windshield did I realize what it was. A bloody tampon. FML
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You could use that as an excuse, say it covered your vision and you "accidentally" ran her car off the road and made her a paraplegic.


omg woow women just get nastier day by day

A used condom is 60 points

G0v3nat0r 7

I see what you did there

ellybelly_502 4

Haha 40 :) thats like Stewie from family guy! HA!

quinnbar 6

so the woman was changing her tampon in the car....she either has skill or is a wackjob.

milkndstufff 7

*definitely wackjob

randomchick15 0

That is just wrong and nasty

90 points if she puts inserts her diaphragm while driving.

dancersinger124 7

I think a bloody tampon is worse then a used condom. :/

jessesgirl14 16

That driver is probably related to the chic who changed her tampon in the movie theater, smh

jaredjudd21 2

I like how simple it is to get a hundred likes by saying one word :p

Wasn't it a pad o.o? Bah, who cares, still disgusting -_-

Can you read???? It clearly says, "TAMPON"!!!!!!!

alex6946 10

That is disgusting D:

Who'd buy that? Bear Grylls?

Forever alone would buy that.

Thanks, tips.


bee716 0

That's disgusting...

FML for reading this. Dx

lavaheead9 2

that is so nasty why would a qoman do thar it us a discrace to woman everywere

Save the earth! Flip it over and reuse!

You are fucked in the head, man.

9- Sorry, Al Gore hacked my FML account, don't look at me.

mom2pen 4

You can't "flip over" a tampon, it is a cotton like plug inserted into a vjayjay to absorb the blood. The entire thing would be soaked in blood. You are thinking of a sanitary napkin which has a protective barrier on the "flip side" to prevent leaking through onto the panties that they are attached to.

monkeysareyummy 0

He wasn't being serious...

mom2pen 4

I realize that, "flipping it over" was an ignorant statement that made no sense.

jaybabii5 0

Lmao. Thats funny.

cade51 0

shut up

sinking_fish 12

78- I've been using tampons for years and your explanation just turned my stomach-.-

Grow up. Wasn't that gross

skyttlz 32

I would probably scream a little D=

I would probably scream a lot.


*Eric Cartman's voice* "You shouldn't have done that, he's just a boy. Poor lil feller."

I feel it makes more sense in Butters' voice. But that's just me...

pinkzilla0 8

Yes, definitely Butters.

its a direct quote from cartman in the towlie episode where he bribes stans mom into buying an okama game sphere because he found a bloody tampon in the bathroom trash and thought it was an aborted fetus

Bitches be crazy these days.

karlavaleria 0

all bad..

LaColombianita 26

That's freakin nasty. Who does that..

Apparently, the lady in front of him.

PhoenixMuffin 12


PhoenixMuffin 12

Yum: Y-ou're U-tterly M-istaking My comment was obviously a joke. Why would anyone like a bloody tampon? The fact that you thought I would kind of disturbs me.

Crazy people these days... Him and comment 4 are obviously short a stick.

Alrighty then...

amberstarr89 5

It a freAkin nasty bitch