By anonymous - 28/12/2010 18:03 - Canada

Today, while driving home from basketball practice, I noticed an old lady struggling to get up from a fall. I stopped to help her up and make sure she was fine, and in the meantime, a teenager decided to hop into my car and crash it into a telephone pole and run away. FML
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memo619 0

I would have chased that little fucker down and beat the puberty out of him

no good deed goes unpunished 0.o fyl


no good deed goes unpunished 0.o fyl

fakeaccountX 6

It's a CONSPIRACY! The old lady fell on purpose so that her grandson could steal your car!

Run Forrest run!

frootietootie 0

exactly what I was thinking! beware of the grandama and her grandson! their on the run!!!!

Grandmas are hereby not to be trusted.

Lol I love wicked. Sorry op fyl.

shitty. shoulda took the keys with you instead of leaving it the ignition

tip: when you get out of the car in an emergency, always take the keys.

wow you guys would do horrible in an emergency

Kids these days.

Clearly don't plan their getaway missions as they should.

YDI for living in Canada

Did he just want to break things or was he completely unable to drive?

Probably both.

Ryonix 0

ydi. never leave the keys in ignition. ever

hahaha your picture is funny

I had that picture first

There are so many FMLs about people helping other people and getting mugged that I'm scared to help someone :( Fuck your life, OP.

memo619 0

I would have chased that little fucker down and beat the puberty out of him

but ur a pussy

talb1 7

lol @ 45

perdix 29

YDI for interfering with the natural means of thinning the herd.

She shoulda had Life-Alert! "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

I think it's called OnStar, Troll.

43, OnStar is for car crashes. LifeAlert is a necklace old people wear that contacts the police when they press a button on it.

no it's life alert

marditaloka 0

LMAO! Agreed 14