By NotSteve - 18/04/2009 08:19 - United States

Today, I was walking home from when I passed an old woman sitting on the curb of Walmart begging for change. I gave her my last dollar and felt good about it. Five minutes later I saw the same woman driving away in a car. I don't even own a car. FML
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Sucks when that happens to good Samaritans.

don't trust a ho. never trust a ho.


Sucks when that happens to good Samaritans.

LMAO @ 5, Awww srry OP.. but seriously that was pretty funnyyy :)

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And this, everyone, is why you don't give money to beggers.

I agree, give them food/water, not your change.

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should have known better. beggars are a scam.

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just give them food not money.

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I hate it when people do that.

don't trust a ho. never trust a ho.

don't trust me?

Never give money to people just begging for it, at the very least they should do something like wash car windows

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wow what a bitch u shouldve thrown something at her car

I think this one is a repeat. What? Did it again? FML is a "How Not To" site for life. You should read the rest of this site before you go outside again. YDI

Same thing happened to me, except I didn't give him anything. Some "homeless" guy was begging for change outside a restaurant I was about to enter. Minutes later, I see him coming inside opening up his Macbook. Lol

This is why I don't give actual cash to strangers.