By Anonymous - 29/9/2009 05:26 - Canada
Today, I was chastised by the CEO in the middle of a management meeting for showing up late to work every day, despite being in my office before 9:00am every morning. It was my 5th day on the job and no one had bothered to tell me that the office opens at 8:00am, and not 9:00am. FML
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  RedJester23  |  6

you have your own job now, no one is holding your hand anymore. kinda pathetic that you need someone to hold your hand to tell you the work hours to your own job

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

72: You can press it twice. Four times if on two computers. =D Just open the thing to post the comment BEFORE you click it. You can click it from in here, and from the main page =D

  jellenwood  |  34

Oh but my boss does! It's ridiculous. He works maybe two hours a day and when he goes to meetings out of state he goes several days earlier and stays several days later on the company dime. He takes his wife too.

  plexico  |  3

As a first day question, I also like "How many times can you get caught sleeping at your desk before they fire you?"

That's a good one to hold off onto until the first day. It is not a good interview question.

  plexico  |  3

Maybe the first day will be so filled with adrenaline, you can't sleep at work that day. You might want to ask them later in the week, because the answer is never written down in the policy manual.

Later on, you might want to ask about the "real" sexual harrassment policy. Ours is ass-pinching is OK, weiner-showing is not.

By  puhffft  |  0

Like everyone else said, the first thing that I do when I get a job is clarify what my hours are. I don't understand why you didn't. Deserved it.

By  24788  |  6

How the hell did you not figure this out? I'm sorry, but you seem dense. You ask these questions at your interview and read the manual if you aren't sure. I've never read a work manual in my life though.