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Today, I was drinking from a water bottle while in a lecture. The water caught in my throat and it felt like I was choking to death. Instead of asking me if I was okay or trying to help, the guy sitting next to me told me to shut up. FML
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Your death is affecting his GPA be kind and just die quietly... Library style


I'd have told you to shut up as well. I mean who can't drink water properly anyway?

Oh_Hayy_Its_Lex 10

that happened to me before...but no one heard...O.O

SystemofaBlink41 27

(in insecure voice) It'd be attemted murder-uaaah!

Anybody notice she choked on water in her throat..?

65- I love your profile pic. What a cutie pie!!

n_epic_fail 14

70- do YOU choke out of anything other than your throat?

Violence isn't the answer. It is the key.

blair_x 12

Sometimes water just goes down the wrong 'pipe,' so to speak. Sometimes you swallow too soon. Maybe you're distracted and you breathe too quickly or something. Accidents happen. Don't have to be an asshole about it #47.

My mother had forced me to eat some rather large vitamin pills. I insisted that I always choke when I swallow things whole, but she still said I had to do it. Naturally, the vitamin b12 pill got lodged in my throat and I began coughing violently. I went to fill up a nearby glass with water and as I tried to drink the water (not successfully as it kept spurting back out due to the coughing), my mother scolded me for 'being disgusting and coughing into a glass that other people would use". She's lucky there are rules against killing one's parents. Just sayin'.

Well, this is obviously what modern society has come to... this, and people like snooki.

enonymous 8

Your death is affecting his GPA be kind and just die quietly... Library style

If you're coughing then you're getting air. But he shouldnt have been an asshole

Almighty_Chris97 6

He could have just been like "shhh" but he just had to be a dick about it.

Nail him in his Adams apple....while he is gasping for air tell him to shut up problem solved

SystemofaBlink41 27

Or or or! Offer him a bucket of creamed corn and then say "You can't have it!" and run away laughing like a maniac. Always works for me...

JurassicHole 5

64- What are you...I don't even...*facepalm*

SystemofaBlink41 27

Yeah, facepalm" jokes" are my specialty : /

i agree, thats what they should have done lol

Sheesh OP, drown more quietly, would you?

Ins_Knie 2

Honestly I think OP and microwave Einstein should get together.

Ins_Knie 2

Gives the word 'tea party' a new meaning... We need another FML where someone fails to dissolve sugar in water. lol

It is so sad that this is how people are these days. I once saw people actually stepping over a lady that tripped. So much for chivalry! I would have helped you OP :(

How the OP was choking on water, it probably just went down wrong there would have been nothing you could do just wait for them to stop coughing. What OP should have done was walk out of the lecture until the coughing had stopped.

pinkcrayola 0

That works in theory, but honestly when you're coughing for breathe its hard to think about walking out of the room. And it's over so quickly they probably wouldn't have made it to the door on time.

Actually, usually I do that thing where you firmly pat them on the back to make it stop, but then, that wasn't even most of the point, It just bothers me that instead even wondering if the person choking next to you is alright, the guy only cared for his own annoyance. I think it's shameful some people show only this much compassion.

Maybe OP is a regularly disruptive classmate so when she choked they assumed she was just making noise. I know a few people like that.

I think it is choking if you don't die, when you do die then it is drowning. But I may be wrong.

GoW_Chick 14

You can choke on water if you are drinking it, that is like saying when I'm drinking coffee and I choke "you can't choke on coffee you drown," if you are submerged in water you can drown, then you would be dead.

cradle6 13

If you can make sound you aren't choking.

KiddNYC1O 20

9 is right. You CHOCK airplanes and trucks........

Technically even if they're not submerged in water it's considered drowning. Chocking is where a solid blocks your air flow, drowning is when liquid gets in your lungs keeping you from breathing properly

I thought to drown your lungs had to fill with water?

sceptic 1

Why would you expect otherwise?

Because it is nice to see some simple decency from time to time.

I think you have unrealistically high standards, I mean human decency, come on.