By BerryRockstar - United States
  Today, I was on top of my boyfriend having sex and I was looking away doing my thing. When I looked back, my boyfriend had headphones on and was playing air drums. FML
BerryRockstar tells us more :
AAAHH I can't believe I posted this on here and now i have to EXPLAIN myself to you people. Well there's the thing. 1) This was totally not a "Today" but a totally "Last November" 2) He was wearing headphones when we got into it, so why should i help him any 3) This was the FIRST time we'd done it, so HE was the bad lay 4) We're not dating anymore (I broke up with him) 5) FML anyway for wasting so much time with him I know i cheated on the "today" thing, but who hasn't. It just says that they all relatively START with "today" and END with FML. I hope this answers a couple of questions.
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  StingMunFizzy  |  0

Yeah seriously, plus :D, BADASS!!! I mean fuck you can never get a guy to stop slapping your ass or some shit, and air drums? I'm meeting up with this guy, and we're gonna play some damn air drums.

By  ophelia87  |  0

Hey, it takes two to tango. Ever heard that old cliche? If you're "looking away doing [your] thing," then he's going to be doing his thing too. You must be a terrible fuck.