By Anonymous - 21/01/2016 13:40 - Belgium - Ieper

Today, I realised what kind of man I married when I finally shelved his book, "Getting Things Done", still untouched 3 months after buying it. FML
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Bill gates once said he will only hire lazy people, so maybe he'll end up making a lot of money?


mds9986 24

Give him some "proper" motivation ;)

Say something then? I'm sure he'll listen.

joeyl2008 29

Kill him and collect the insurance money

Its_Sinon 15

That sounds like some forensic files shit right there

This is hilarious and should be the solution to any marital problems.

Bill gates once said he will only hire lazy people, so maybe he'll end up making a lot of money?

Bill Gates said that lazy people tend to streamline processes and find shortcuts that inevitably lead to productivity. Obviously this is a blanket statement. Not all lazy people are efficient. You have to be lazy, but also smart to pull this off.

psychopolarbear 28

Smart-people lazy: that special kind of lazy that led to inventions like the remote control. Honestly, who wants to actually go ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ROOM to change the channel, the air conditioning, or the stereo? Thanks for the lazy people. They enable my own laziness.

I imagine there are other things that lead you to the conclusion that he never gets things done, because I think many people buy books and don't read them - especially self-help books.

amileah13 26

Thank you, at least someone saw the irony in this.. :-)

expertsmilee 26

I don't think there is another way to look at this OTHER than ironically.

You'd think so, but a lot of people tend to go for either "divorce" or "quite trying to change him".

shyleigh 1

Whether YDI or not depends on who bought the book in the first place. Did he buy it willingly or did you buy it for him expecting a magic list of chores to get done?

Valid question. Not sure why the downvotes.

In addition, some of those "self-help" books are incredibly condescending garbage claiming that everything you do is worthless and wrong until you do it the author's way... or they're just platitudes repeated over and over again. While I don't want to excuse laziness, I can't really blame someone for not caring much about those kind of books.

Smart, less expectation from you if he doesn't read it.