By Pissed - 15/10/2012 19:57 - United States - Newton Center

Today, at a family reunion, we all squeezed in for a picture. I set the self-timer and ran to get in it. 2 seconds before the picture went off, some guy came up, stole the camera, and ran away. FML
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You're with your whole family, chase after him like a mob!

I wonder what that picture looks like...


I wonder what that picture looks like...

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Maybe the thief is the guy that handed that other guy pics of his wife in that one FML...

What would a guy want with another family's photos? BTW if you ever find the camera, at least you'll probably have a picture of the guy who took it.

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18,20.. Are you guys like.. Retarded?

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I can't take it anymore. 20, Futacy, you've literally been thread jack almost every single first comment. It's okay here and there and doesn't usually bother me when people threadjack, but you do it in most first comments of FMLs.

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how do you know there were only 2 seconds left before the picture got taken?

45- There's something called a guesstimate

^You can usually set a specific time for a timer, and I'm sure most people can count seconds in their head.

31. I was literally thinking the same thing. Haha.

My camera's self timer has a little light that flashes slowly then it speeds up as it gets nearer to taking the picture. If you have the sound on, it beeps. I'm sure their camera had a similar feature.

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I think with 2 seconds left after the thief snatched it before the picture is taken, most likely the picture would have no family members in it; it would probably be the ground as he ran away or something. I don't think the thief would wait those final 2 seconds to make sure it was a good picture of the family :)

You're with your whole family, chase after him like a mob!

There's gotta be someone who can run fast in your family.. Unless the family reunion was held at McDonalds.

56- You never know, grandpa could have passed on the fat gene

If its anything like my family reunion that thief would of been on the ground ... Like Common I'm sure it's some punk ass kid and me and my brother are 7-8 fastest sprinters in the country... And your what like 10feet max from the camera... Sorry OP but common...

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#86 Congratulations, I think? If you run as fast as you typed out that mess, be my guest and join the Olympics.

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Great luck right there. Maybe there's a picture of your guys blank expressions thinking what the hell just happened.

******* guy. He's gonna have a lot of fun with the camera now!

There's not really a wide variety of fun things that can be done with a camera, other than take pictures.

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Chase after the little shit. I:

Speaking of Chase, this reminds me of Chevy Chase in "European Vacation" when his camera was stolen in front of the fountain.

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Lol. I love how the guy lured them barefoot into the fountain.

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Wouldn't it be ran away? I could be wrong though..

Must of been an interesting snapshot. Did you chase after him, or did you just stare in shock as he ran away cackling..

Please accept my apology causing you frustration and confusion with my proper grammer usage and firm grasp of the English language.

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37- I think you meant to say something along the lines of, "Please accept my apology for having caused you frustration and confusion with my proper use of grammar and firm grasp of the English language." If you're going to fuss at someone about how you have a firm grasp of the English language, at least spell correctly and use proper grammar yourself. The comment box even underlines spelling mistakes like 'grammer'.

46, There isn't anything that i'd like to change about my previous comment.It is grammatically correct.Although I did spell 'grammar' wrong.

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48- The first part that is wrong is, 'please accept my apology causing you frustration...'. Now, in that part of the sentence, you neglected to add a 'for' after 'apology', causing the sentence to read as if your apology itself has somehow caused the frustration. That part throws the rest of your sentence off. The sentence should read 'for having caused', instead of 'for causing', because you are referring to a past tense situation for which you are apologizing, not an ongoing or upcoming situation. The other parts are grammatically correct, however somewhat awkward. While 'grammar usage' is correct, 'use of grammar' is even more so. I would have left this alone, but your bragging has rather irritated me when combined with your lack of attention to detail within that same sentence.

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88 ********** with a mouse? Whoah.

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*and ran away tsk tsk OP edit: two people beat me to it darn

Today, after stealing a camera I looked through it to see if I can find any interesting photos. I found dirty pictures of my mom. FML