By Not_you17 - 09/09/2011 04:04 - United States

Today, I needed to pay off a $35 parking ticket. To try and get some sort of revenge, I went to the bank and got 3,500 pennies, dumped them into a bucket, and refused to pay with anything besides the pennies. They called the police. I was arrested and cited $147. FML
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Not_you17 tells us more.

Ok so here is an update, they canceled my $147 fine because I was using 100% legal us tender. However in order to pay off the $35 in pennies they had to either be rolled by the bank or I had to count them 1 by 1, so I rolled 'em.

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What on earth for? What did they cite you with? There's no violation of any law civil or criminal there...

A bucket full of pennies is a perfectly legitimate way to pay. They are legal tender. An idiotic way to pay would be like with sticks of gum.


What the hell?! How did this fml get through?! YDI!

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what? are you retarded? he was paying the right amount of money legally

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Well the reason is because it's illegal .. Legal tender ..... You can only pay with certain coins up to a specifies amount ...

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I think ^ ( that) is pretty bs. Money is money

YDI dumb-ass!

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I think they're suppose to take any kind of Money

you can only pay with pennies for something up to 26 cents.. so they did have the right to arrest you + why would you try to get revenge? it was you fault for not putting enough in the meter. ._.

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30 - if u ever want to borrow money or be paid and it's in pennies I'm sure u be like "wtf?"

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she needs to respect their authoritaaa

Should've paid in nickels :/

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he shouldda paid in Trident Layers.

Uhh 30 read your respective laws on legal tender, douchebag

"Merchants do not have to accept more than 100 pennies in payment." Sorry OP, it's the law.

Just pay the damn ticket! You don't have to be a punk and cause so much work for the police officers. Not all police officers are idiots. They have work to do and I highly doubt they want to spend their time counting your pennies.

OP - If you look at similar cases where people were fined for paying in pennies, it was because of their conduct, not the pennies, so you were probably making an ass of yourself. 52 - that was true up until the Coinage Act of 1965, which states that all US coins are legal tender in any amount. Of course, the law doesn't say that they have to be accepted, just that they can't be denied on LEGAL grounds. 112 - Common misconception. There is no limit by law. However, businesses are not REQUIRED to take your pennies if they choose not to do so.

I've seen this same stunt on YouTube somewhere.

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I have a video about this on my youtube channel about how a guy gets arrested for trying to pay with pennies, please check it out my channel is MehdiVideos369 and the video is called "man commits hideous crime".

My friend used 100 pennies to get on to the bus with :P

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#115, except you're not paying a merchant to pay off a parking ticket. You're paying the government. Legal tender is legal tender. This is a huge FYL.

if it's apparently against the law to pay with as many pennies as you desire then they should just ban pennies already! everyone hates them. I worked on cash once and 99% of the people said "keep the change" because they didn't want the damn pennies.

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I think the only idiot here is the one taking a comment about what someone else personally thinks and saying that they're an idiot for thinking that. I think the only douchebag here is the one who feels need to lambast someone for making an "I" statement. So are you like 16 and your parent's won't let you drive yet, or are you the sexually frustrated 25 year old living in your parents basement?

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Really? Pennies? What a Jew.

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Op's idea of revenge was idiotic. It sounds (doesn't say) like op broke the rolls of pennies and dumped them into a bucket. That had to be a heavy bucket with that many pennies. And if op did dump them out he/she is going to have to roll them all back up to take them back to the bank or find a coin star. Ydi op for an idiotic plan for revenge, way to make more work for yourself.

Reminds me of the time I had to wait in the line at the grocery store while some asshole paid for a pack of cigarettes in all pennies.

tjv3 10

you should have just kept them in the rolls then they would have had to take them

pay the $147 fine in pennies :D

pay the $147 fine in pennies :D

276, you're a good problem solver, huh?

All coins are legal tender for a debt in the United States. Think before you write.

I highly doubt banks keep that many pennies on hand. I know the bank I work at doesn't.. Seems like an awful waste of $3500 when they have limits on what they can keep in each bank.

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I don't understand how that would have been getting revenge anyways, the cop was the one that gave you the ticket.

They don't have to accept pennies as payment over some amount, can't remember what it was.

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Now op needs 14700 pennies

ArmedcrackerR6 8

Way to stick it to the man... Wait they stuck it to you twice lol

Someone needs to stand up to stupid ******* cops and city officials

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he should totally do it again for the 147 dollar fine and see what happens

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Money is money. That's stupid that you think op deserves it

Of course OP deserves it. How is annoying the cashier, and possibly people waiting behind you, justigiable revenge for your inability to park legally? I'm guessing OP's refusal caused a scene and held up the queue. You do dumb shit, you pay the penalty. Money's money doesn't mean one form is as acceptable as another. If I got paid in pennies or in foreign currency I had to convert, I wouldn't be pleased with the additional hassle.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

I did that to my asshole landlord once. He just looked at me and asked if I was serious. He took it, granted it was only $39 in pennies.

okiidokii_fml 6

Um no only 1470

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Tell you what 83 , you do it and we will all watch you put down by em.

Damn, you stupid!

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Wrong.... Really wrong.

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U must work for the government -_-

Well it looks like needs to go back to the bank and get 14700 more pennies. Problem solved, your welcome.

Screw the law Plenty of them are stupid & unnecessary

Don't mess with the authority.

Fuck the police. Jk they're badasses with their beer bellies and doughnuts. Never touch a cop's doughnut, they gon' taze yo bitch ass down!

I wish every cop in America would hear me say **** the police

Not only will the cop taze you if you touch his doughnut... He'll GLAZE you afterwards! Tazed AND Glazed! You DOughNUT wanna go there!

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110- If that's what makes you happy. Just don't forget the condoms and use some lube.

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111 - that made my ******* day lmao

What on earth for? What did they cite you with? There's no violation of any law civil or criminal there...

I'm pretty sure an institution has the right to refuse payment by a method which is extremely Idiotic. I.e. a bucket full of pennies

A bucket full of pennies is a perfectly legitimate way to pay. They are legal tender. An idiotic way to pay would be like with sticks of gum.

Unless it's trident layers then the legal matters would be solved plus more.

No one pays me in sticks of gum :(

dcaruso 1

an institution is allowed to refuse payment by coin if the coin value surpasses that of a 'roll'. in this case... 70 rolls. that being said, there is obviously information we are not getting... such as how OP reacted when payment was refused. based on this info and lack of... YDI

35 rolls not 70

40, they are only legal tender up to a certain point. You can't pay any amount with all forms of money, that's just how it is. It stops stupid people like OP paying stupid amounts with pennies.

technically in north america it is illegal to pay for anything over 25 cents with only pennies

Egnar 19

Actually 88, you can, as of about 1965 - However what prevents stupid people like OP from doing things like this is the fact that institutions are not required to accept specific forms of payment unless you've entered into contract stating as such. I could pay for a $10 tab in all $1 bills and be denied, but I won't be. . .Because it's not completely retarded. 108, see above - This was true 60+ years ago, not anymore. But once again legal tender DOES NOT mean it is required to be accepted by any establishment other than the federal reserve.

They basically arrested you for wasting their time. There is no justice

50 cents a roll... Do the math

You should sue they have to take it i saw a video where they payed a 67 dollar ticket with pennies and the cops showed up and told the place they had to accept because its legal tender

Seriously? Math? A roll of pennies is 50 cents....hence 70 rolls.

132, my mistake. I assumed America was intelligent enough to put in place a common sense based law like many other nations and limit the use if certain coins. I stand corrected.

FYLyo 0

No. Penny rolls are 50¢ each.

If it is a debt, any form of legal tender has to be accepted. Being that a ticket involves government institutions and reprimand, any legal tender would have to be accepted anyways. Sue their pants.

MangoGurl 0

Wow some one is a dick just because we don't put a limit on certain coins doesn't mean we are unintelligent

I asked them before hand if they accepted cash, they said yes.

You are all very smrt lawyers. I got my legal degrees by listening to random people's random assumptions about the law, too.

srgsk9 9

An institution can deny any form of payment they so desire, including coins and bills. The Treasury does not force anyone to accept all forms of legal currency, which is why stores can deny checks and credit cards.

bkouch 1

They don't come in rolls of 100 it's only 10cents.

Yeah a shop is allowed to decline a payment with coins if it exceeds the limit In australia the maximum amount u can pay for $2 is $12 and is less when you go down in value of the coins But Im not sure about the American notes because they have $1 notes but probably similar

Justalilrandom is a communist lmao

I reckon op made a fuss and that's why they called he police.

TheDrifter 23

Most shops in Canada won't accept more than a roll worth of loose coins. Being a dick about it will get you arrested on public nuisance charges pretty quickly in a government building.

Sulphuric_Glue 16

372: This is the first instance in recorded history of Canadians not being nice

x10 15

70 because penny rolls are 50cents not a dollar

Errr, why would you try get revenge? It's your fault you got the parking ticket.

StopDropNRoll 11

OP: "Excuse me officer, that fire hydrant and that red line weren't there when I parked here" Officer: *hands him ticket* "have a good day sir" OP(to self): "I know how I'll get payback muahahaha" ....fails

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People can be really stupid sometimes :/. It annoys me when people freak out at the officers for issuing tickets.

The world ends with you is ******* awesome. Nice icon.

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Couple things. What did they site you for? And you let your ignorance control you. Good job holding your ground. 35

Oh god it's that guy that pays in pennies

rebekahah 7

Pay it with 14,700 pennies. :)

Way to try and stick it to THEM for something YOU did....ydi.

I would do the same thing as OP...oh well...