By Anna - 25/7/2020 05:10


Today, my partner, our 5-month-old baby and I had to go to A&E because my idiot boyfriend mistook dishwasher rinse aid for cooking oil, and cooked a meal for us in it. As I'm breastfeeding, even our baby needed blood tests. FML
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  Jaymail  |  17

You’re making the same mistake I often do. It’s natural to ASSUME people have at least the same amount of smarts as we do. I’ve worked with the public long enough to know that that’s not necessarily so!

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

What does intelligence have to do with a person's sense of smell? Last time I checked, cooking oil doesn't smell like synthetic lemon, or whatever chemical scent that particular dishwasher rinse aid had. The guy would have had to have been incapable of reading and smelling to make such a mistake. And if he didn't catch the scent when opening the bottle, how did he miss it while cooking the food?

  Jaymail  |  17

Apparently you’ve never had to work Customer Service anywhere. There are some REALLY stupid people out there. I could tell you some stories about people’s intelligence. And if I did you’d really think I was making the stories up. Because, you’d think, nobody could be THAT stupid!


I've worked in customer service before, and I've met plenty of idiots outside of that industry, as well, but none of them were so stupid that they couldn't correctly identify a smell.

By  Jillian Cosby-Kelly  |  15

but..... how did none of you notice? I'm not sure hes the only idiot.