By "taelor14" - 08/11/2017 01:30

Today, after boarding my flight, the flight attendant looked at me and said that I had to sit elsewhere because I had to be over 14 to sit near the emergency exit. I'm 22. FML
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I feel you, I've been pulled over twice on suspicion of being too young to drive...I'm almost 20.

It sucks for you now, but when you’re 50, but look 30, you’ll go, “Oooooohhh, yeeeaaaah!”


I feel you, I've been pulled over twice on suspicion of being too young to drive...I'm almost 20.

Mathametic 14

Well, you are 8 months from being 20, and you already look young for your age. The suspicion seems reasonable, don't you have to be 18 to be allowed to drive solo?

talaswolf 20

You can get your drivers license at 16.

Suaria 38

I believe it may be different for states but in the USA, you can drive at 16. In California where I'm from, you can get your permit which means you have to drive with someone over 25 with a valid license at 15 1/2. At 16, you can go into the DMV and get your license.

Where I live, you can get your permit at 14 1/2. I've been driving for four years.

I know that feeling--I've been shocking people for years after they've discovered that I'm not as young as they think I am. I'm 29.

Lol, the exact same thing happened to me on a trip with my husband (then boyfriend) and in-laws. I was 20 at the time. Needless to say I've never liver that one down. FYL

Did they think your bf (now husband) was a pedophile?

Why the hell would pedophilia be the first thing that comes to your mind?!

Because she said she looked younger than 14 when she was actually 20, and I assumed her boyfriend was around 20 or so and looked his age. You really have no ability to read between the lines, do you? And it wasn't the first thing I thought of -- it was just the second one I submitted in writing.

Richie, you get so defensive it's so funny. So now every girl who is next to a man that looks significantly older than her could be a victim of sexual abuse? Like, a daughter holding her father's hand? Am I reading between the lines correctly? And please miss me with your condescending victim blaming bullshit because I don't care. You're not being bullied if someone disagrees with your comment so save it. :)

We can easily assume they were doing more than just holding hands since they were boyfriend and girlfriend, and that would definitely look fishy if you thought one of them was 14 (or younger) and the other looked about 20. Now be nice to each other, RP and a_t. No fighting please.

It sucks for you now, but when you’re 50, but look 30, you’ll go, “Oooooohhh, yeeeaaaah!”

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I understand how you feel, I was asked to leave a bouncy castle for being an adult. I'm only 33. FML

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This has happened to me as well. I took my beer and left.

When I moved during my senior year, the management contacted my parents telling them that I had to be at least 14 to use the pool without supervision. I was 18 at the time. When my mother told the lady my age, the response to that was, "are you sure?" -.- I'm 26 now and security at bars still take several looks between my ID and me to see if it's fake.

I got asked if I'm over 16 for the same reason. I'm 25. I feel ya OP

neuronerd 28

Looking young will pay off in the future. I'm about to be 34, and most people think I'm in my mid 20s. Not to say there's anything wrong with being 34, but appearing younger at my age has definite societal advantages.

I feel this on a personal level, I work at an elementary school and all the kids think I'm a teenager and just lying about being in my 20s. But hey, at least we age better!