By Darla - 05/10/2012 08:14 - United States - Arcadia

Today, I realized that at age 54, I'm no longer young enough to go commando anymore. Every time I sneezed today, I peed myself. FML
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jgriff79 23

I would probably go see a doctor.

LiterOfCola 16

Even if you don't go commando you're still pissing in your underwear...


jgriff79 23

I would probably go see a doctor.

My mom is in her late 40s and she had this problem not too long ago. Definitely see a doctor, they can let you know what your options are. Changing hormones at that age for women plus worn down body parts can take a tole.

CCDNRGD81411 3

Sounds like a medical issue. Nothing to be ashamed of

That reminds me of a funny wifi network name I saw once. It was "it hurts when IP"

chell1894 13

That doesn't sound like you need underwear now. It sounds like you need an adult diaper now.

At least you're not sharting yourself.

Op u have a loose bladder, go see a doctor and there is a small surgery you can do, and it'll turn u back to normal

Urine a bit of a tinkle now aren't you

Idk about the doctor thing, happens with old age but in my opinion commando is for guys. Not wearing underwear seems so unsanitary.

Look at the bright side.... No, FYL actually :p

Prodigy7 4

Nothing to do with the FML, but 1 drink raised to the power or 5 is still one drink... :D

He right OP. if you're peeing yourself underwear wont help you. Diapers will be needed. But go see a doctor to make sure you're okay.

Don't feel too bad. I'm still young and I do that sometimes myself. :(

flutter4 7

I did that too when I was pregnant

I've heard that peeing a bit when you sneeze is actually common for a woman. If you're worried you should get it checked, but unless you're completely peeing your pants you should be fine.

LO388 7

If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis!

It's definitely not uncommon to be a little incontinent but if left untreated it can progress to completely wetting her pants. She should go see a doctor or physical therapist and learn to do Kegel exercises.

LiterOfCola 16

Even if you don't go commando you're still pissing in your underwear...

I don't think that has anything to do with going commando? I think that's a bladder problem.

Pretty sure you should see your doctor about that. And perhaps invest in some adult diapers.

It's taken you this long to realise that your too old to go commando??

Your sex life will be boring if you think being over 50 makes you "too old" for fun things such as going commando

You can still have a sex life without going commando at that age

Agreed! I specified booooring sex life. Not non-existant ;)

My poor mum has the same problem. You should see the doctor.

Your mom gos commando and pees herself? Did she tell you this or did you figure it out on your own?

I probably should've clarified that. I meant to say my mum has a weak bladder so she pees sometimes when she sneezes. I can only pray that doesn't happen to me when I get to be that age.