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The TV thanks you.

OP when I move I can use you.. sounds like you're an expert in shipping and handling


I agree with 11.

omg op don't be so selfish think of all the mental trauma the tv endured bcuz of this

wow I'm glad the tv is ok then :)

at least you don't have to go buy a new tv:)

I wasn't worried.

awh, I'm sorry op. I'm always so paranoid I'm going to do that, ugh. /: sad face. at least summers here :D

i wonder what kind of tv flat screens arent bad but stone age tvs must way a ton yaba daba do!!!!

agree with 11. Stop complaining OP

well at least the tvs ok!!

obviously you are ok. since you posted this on fml.

Well I'm waiting until I'm on my deathbed with a good FML just so I can post it.

Well if you hadn't saved the tv we'd be hearing an FML about that.

Why do people say stop complaining? I mean you're on a website that was built so that people could do that. If everyone kept all the little things that happened to them (whether stupid or not) to themselves then there'd be no FML. :)

was it a Sony Bravia?

oh thank god! if the tv died that would be the worst thing in the world!!!!

u look sad Jess....cheer up he said the tv is ok lol

Think how grateful the tv must be that you saved its life, you will be greatly rewarded

thank god the tv is okay you saved a life today

thank god the tv is okay

I have a Sony Bravia... but I've never dropped it, we had one before and our dog was playing with her bone and accidentally threw it and hit the screen and messed up the tv where a whole section was black

was it a 3d tv?

Good job man..... remember electronic devices are worth more then your life

SO......the t.v. is ok , right???

mm depending on how much was spent on said tv I would have dropped it lol

I agree, but at least you still have the tv and your finee (:

with # 11. sorry.

11, you're adorable. :) Plus. OP needs to be less clumsy. why where you trying to do that yourself anyways?

Don't worry, no one would have give a shit:(

thank god the tvs ok

well thank goodness!

11- this website is for humorus things that ruin peoples days or worse. and that would ruin my day. this site is not for dead people.

OP think of yourself as a hero! you saved the TV

At least you saved a bunch of money on your television by switching positions with your tv!!!!

it's not FYL if the tv didn't break...if it did then FYL

you said it yourself don't worry

oh thank heavens if the tv would hav broken then the fall would hav been for nothin

lol @ 54 and op pain is temporary, be greatfull you dont have to buy a new one :P

omg 21 you took the words right out of my mouth

#60 your baby is cute lol

oh good. phew. i was worried there for a second.

that's what you get for trying to be a hero and carrying it yourself.

And are they in the hospital? No, didnt think so.

OP when I move I can use you.. sounds like you're an expert in shipping and handling

he probably looks like snorlax

The TV thanks you.

lol love the pic 8

LOL. Poor guy. Don't worry, it was for a good cause. you'll heal, tv won't ;)

as long as the tv is safe

god bless you, you may have done more then just saved your tv. writing this FML just saved my life from boredom..for like 2.5 seconds. thanks. <3

dude you'll heal naturally, the TV is expensive to replace!

shit it exactly what I thoght,in those exact word