By nothing - 08/04/2009 20:42 - United States

Today, my good friend who just had a baby girl sent her newborn's pictures to me via picture message. To reply, instead of writing "Awwwwww" I wrote "Ewwwwww" by mistake. FML
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Don't worry babies are usually ugly. Also YDI for not proof reading.

Ouch, the friendship has just sunk.


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haha but if they are good friends and you explain they will find it funny

that's so funny!

today, a "friend" of mine wrote. "ewwwwwww" on my baby pictures. FML

yeah you're pretty original aren't you

That would be a good joke for all of your buddies except that one

Ya it may be funny but you life is not fucked because you accidentally made a typo thats what MLIA is for why don't you go find it.

Almost no story on here is really about a fucked up life. This is supposed to be funny and light-hearted.

Hahaha Freudian slip, maybe?

Ouch, the friendship has just sunk.

Ah I get it! I get it! friendSHIP! Omg you're so halarious! LOL

thats why you look to see what you wrote before sending a text. YDI

I highly doubt you do that every time you send a text...

Honestly. On these typo FMLs people always vote YDI for not reading over texts but I doubt everyone here proofread a every text they send. It happens to everyone

thats why you look to see what you wrote before sending a text. YDI

So not an FML. You can just send another text directly after explaining and apologising. If you're too stupid to that, then FYL indeed.

Umm, its still embarrassing even if you do explain it was a mistake...

Rofl. Send her another text explaining that you're too dumb to check your texts before you send them. :D

Yeah, that doesn't make you dumb. I don't check every single text I send... And I doubt you do either.