By owies :( / Friday 1 April 2011 02:23 / United States
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  LTHoratioCaine  |  16

its not a bad idea, works fine unless youre an idiot with the balance of a chubby guy standing on a round pole. you deserve it for being uncoordinated and for not being able to break your fall... somehow resulting in your elaborate injuries which are probably lies.

  48Connor  |  16

I dont understand why your so retarded? I do that atleast once a month, and then theres the ocasonal "use the ceiling to make you go fast" times. Beaat

  MissBunny25  |  16

I stand on chairs with wheels all the time. I make people push me, and spin me around in them. threatening to slap them with raw meat if they refuse my commands.

  skorpien  |  7

They're referring to the story of the lady who thought it meant "lots of love" and responded to a status about the death of a family member on her Facebook by ending it with "lol"… I think…

  MissBunny25  |  12

no, dear sir, I'm sure she doesn't. thus, the sarcastic comment. however , I must advise you to put a shirt on, unless you want the FML nerds to attack you for doing such things as physical activities. those things are unheard of here -.-

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