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By  sunnyray812  |  42

I say your life sucks because she jumped the gun, but you deserve it for placing the name Amanda. You could've stated what type of appointment it was or abbreviated it.

  Angcrad  |  17

OP deserved it? I don't want to jump to conclusions but it looks like, at the very least, you haven't been on the receiving end of constant unwarranted jealousy. OP didn't write anything sugestive like "mistress", "lover", "stripper party", etc. He just wrote a single, simple name.

In my case, if I wrote "Amanda" instead of "psychiatrist" it would be to lessen the mental impact of knowing I am unwell every time I look at my calendar. A simple "Who's Amanda?" from the gf would and should have sufficed

  sunnyray812  |  42

I was saying YDI because it was very easily preventable. I still feel bad for him, but he could've at least told his girlfriend who Amanda is ahead of time or stated the appointment in the calendar. I have received jealousy before. Some of it was my fault because I didn't explain to my partner at the time what was really going on which could've prevented arguments, and other times were not my fault.

  julfunky  |  29

She shouldn’t have to cover her bases every time she has an appointment with a fucking female.

Going to the psychiatrist is a very personal and possibly embarrassing thing to certain people. If she wasn’t ready to open up about such a thing then it’s her right to wait until she’s ready. She shouldn’t have to spill everything right away because her girlfriend is jealous.

By  xxWTFxx1981  |  21

Yeah i am married i get jealousy is a pain but common sense should tell you put appt therapy or at least just a last name. but yeah that jealousy stuff is for birds...

By  ohsnapword  |  21

SOunds like your girlfriend also needs to see Amanda.

  Gamessence  |  19

maybe he feels embarrassed about the fact that he considers himself unwell due to seeing one