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Today, it's my fourth day of my trip to the USA. I've actually started keeping count of the number of times people get confused because I was born in South Africa and yet am not black. Current count: 9. FML
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Nederlander95 14

I'm actually kind of surprised it's ONLY nine.

This reminds me of Karen from Mean Girls


This reminds me of Karen from Mean Girls

Oh my God, Karen. You can't just ask people why they're white.

I came here just to make sure someone said that

I was hoping someone would mention Mean Girls! So happy that it was the first comment :)

"If you're from Africa... why are you white?"

I just want to apologize to OP on behalf of the Americans that don't know the difference, I'm terribly sorry for their stupidity

I go to college with a guy that has the same problem.

Nederlander95 14

I'm actually kind of surprised it's ONLY nine.

I guess a lot more people have seen "Blood Diamond" than you realize.

PoisonOrchid 21

Me too. Americans can be pretty ignorant most of the time. Its amazing the things I hear people say on a daily basis.

Because no other country has ignorant people

"Americans can be ignorant most of the time" what an ignorant and over generalized statement.

Nothing pisses me off more than people saying all americans are stupid. If thats true why do thousands of people come to american to study in our universities? If our supposed stupidity is that great stay in your own country we don't want you. America has no more idoits than any other country per capita we just have a media that loves showing them off.

PoisonOrchid 21

I don't think anyone is implying all Americans are stupid, but as a whole, our culture does tend to be pretty damn ignorant, especially of any other culture. Not every American of course, but the vast majority I'd say.

Actually I would say 40% never learned due to no funding for education and an additional 20% don't give a ****, but then.again those numbers are probably close for.most countries.

'Merica!! Home of the racially ignorant!! The worst part is I'm out in the country and in the south, so if the op came to my town that count would skyrocket

Oh yes because us stupid american hicks just don't know any better.

Animekid126 13

I don't really see it as ignorance, we're actually use to having a big melting pot of cultures, so most of the people that aren't white in America I still assume they were just born here.

If you're from Africa... why are you white?

Funny how we're all assuming that OP is white as if that's the only other possibility. Guess we're not much better than those 9.

Oh my God #8, you can't just ask people why they're white

cryssycakesx3 22

OP do you prefer black or African American?

Question 31, if your from Africa, but are white, can you still get African American scholarships and stuff? It just popped into my head when I saw your comment.

#31: Why on earth would the OP prefer "African American"? S/he isn't American, and it's almost insulting to use overly politically-correct American terms in this case.

But this is America welshite! "We are America we will force our political and ideological views on you. Resistance is futile."

Oh my God, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white.

#33 and wouldn't (in most cases) just American be more accurate than African-American? Unless you or your parents moved from Africa it just sounds like you're claiming yourself as something your not. Like my family comes from Germany but we've been in the states for who knows how long; I'm not German-American, I'm just American. This whole being culturally-defined movement feels like something designed to kill a sense of love for America and her melting-pot culture.

German American? Never heard of it. You're just white.

55, the reason that people do want to hold on to their ties to Africa and other places is because culture is important to them, and the preservation of that heritage is even more important when we live in a society where people of color are persecuted for it daily. Why mask part of who you are just to make others feel more comfortable?

The whole African American thing is problematic also because it lumps all black people as being of African descent. For example, I've seen the term used to describe Rihanna, who is Caribbean.

All black people are from Africa. Where the hell do you think Jamaicans and other Black Caribbeans come from? They were originally slaves sent over from Africa during the slave trades. BTW White South African living in England in 4 years Ive only been asked OPs question twice. Americans are stupif

74 most of those "African-Americans" have not stepped foot on African soil since the times of slaves. They are not holding on to their heritage they are using it to stand out and force people to notice them. Then when someone says anything at all to them they scream that we are racist. well guess what all this ani-racism and political correctness has went so far as to make it so that whites are more hated than blacks were.

KaywinnetLeeFrye 15

Oh my God, Karen. You can't just ask people why they're white.

Kind like a skinny person from U.S. visiting abroad. "I thought all Americans were fat"

You shouldn't be getting down votes for this. I travel to Europe often and I always hear this. OP's count is 9 in 4 days; I have an average of 6 per day. 'Merica isn't the only place that falls into stereotypes and racism. Its present everywhere I've traveled in the world. Haven't found one place in 4 continents I've visited or the outlying islands that don't have racism and stereotypes. They may be different than they are in the US, but just as prevalent. Often more so. Let's not forget all the genocides that take place, most of that is racially and culturally driven.

Queen_of_Night 20

Visit Japan! Never had a problem. People were all super friendly and helpful! And the food? AWESOME!

Kyle1dc 17

'murica land of the free, home of the cholesterol!

Wizardo 33

I wish people just endeavoured to nurture a certain level of general knowledge about all aspects of life - outside of academia. The world is really lacking in that.