By Denise1988 - United States - Las Vegas
Today, at a school function for my eldest son, my youngest child silently passed gas. A group of women I had hoped to befriend were sitting next to me, and then left with looks of disgust on their faces. I guess I don't need friends. FML
Denise1988 tells us more :
The little stinker is only 9 months old and while his stench was quite atrocious that day, I wish they hadn't rushed off so soon. The event was outside and it was a breezy day. I have no problem with him doing his thing, I just wished the women had at least come back and tried to include me in their conversations. We moved away from our home state two years ago and I've had a hard time meeting new friends, it's so hard as an adult. I hope it's easier the next time we move.
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By  Tripartita  |  44

This is why I was raised to keep my bodily functions down to a minimum in public. In addition to not farting, I also don't eat, breath, blink, or metabolize carbohydrates in others' company.

As a result, my parents are incredibly popular.

By  mermaidkeels  |  26

You don't need friends who act so childish.