By ThatsNotRight - 31/01/2009 04:08 - United States

Today, I put on my favorite booty shorts and walked outside to smoke a cigarette. My dog had chewed a hole in the middle of my shorts, and I was standing on a balcony that's located on the busiest street in town. FML
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#11 remember, booty shorts come in XL too.

YDI for smoking.


Who cares? I bet all the people who noticed loved it.

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#11 remember, booty shorts come in XL too.

hahaha @11 sad but true

was the hole in the front or back?

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lol sucks for u pal

If only there was a button for that. Oh wait ...

Hopefully your weren't wearing a thong or something embarassing. Or I guess even more embarassing, going commando

booty shorts are underwear. unless she's referring to realllly short shorts which would be odd

Booty 'shorts' are really short shorts. I don't think OP would be walking onto a balcony that's located in front of the busiest street in town while wearing underwear ...

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Didn't feel a breeze? That's what you get for being a smoker.