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Today, I found out my extremely anti-war relatives hate me because they think I served in the Army, after hearing I was "a vet". I'm a veterinarian. FML
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So...clarify what you mean by "Vet" to your hateful relatives...or don't, in the end they're not leading your life. Besides, I just hate that, if you're anti-war then hate the politicians, don't hate those who serve....

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Although it was just a missunderstanding, even if they are anti-war they should never be ashamed to have a family member who puts or has put their life on the line to protect their country.


Set it right man. Tell them your an animal doctor not an people killer

audreyfml1994 15

*Tell them you're an animal doctor not a freedom protector.

Right because all members of the military kill

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Tell them your an animal doctor and not one of the brave volunteers who protect the freedoms of pathetic wastes of space who think that everyone in the military is a horrible murder who is undeserving of respect from the people they are protecting

They don't protect me. Logically they protect the economy and that's it. Increases debt as the money to deploy them and buy the arms is from tax money. They fight for the countries well being economically, which then in turn effects the people. Logic.

"An people killer"? If you're going to insult the military, at least do it grammatically correct. You're only proving your stupidity. I certainly hope you don't live in the US because if you do, you should be ashamed of yourself for speaking about the military so ignorantly. Citizens of other countries have to worry about stepping foot outside. In the States we don't have that worry because we have a strong military willing to protect us.

You know that part in your head WhiteCrimson that makes you second guess what you wrote, out of fear of looking stupid and forgetting that today's economy is on the heels of a few should be listened to.

Fear? Sorry lost that part of my brain when I was born. #8 and just so you know I did not specifically point out the US military. For all you know I could have been talking about the South African military. That's the beauty of speaking in general. You making your own assumptions is what sets your mind to go into stupid mode! Ask before you make a scene about your assumptions.

Grammar has never been my strong point. I'm not ashamed of it as English is my second language.

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1: The only logical conclusion I see here is that you're an ignorant dimwit. What do you say to being placed in a country where there is no military to protect "the economy"?

Wow WhiteCrimson...time for me to have an aneurysm... Oh, English is my 3rd btw

@20: And then there are countries like Switzerland, where you can step outside at all times, yet their military is of no noteable importance when it comes to protecting the citizens. Although, admittedly, this situation can no longer happen for the US, since their recent past and involvement in international conflicts has made them the enemy of several large groups and cultures. It's somewhat sad, but the US is kinda screwed in these military-related regards: Past leaders involved your country in conflicts, which had repercussions that only now hit you. And similarly, the centuries of gun usage have caused the entire populace to be armed, including all criminals, which means that you need a gun to be able to protect yourself.

I do believe Switzerland is surrounded on all sides by NATO allied countries, has a small but specialized military, and does in fact conscript men aged 19-34... War will always be around, whether it's us, Russia vs Georgia, Ethiopia vs Eritrea, etc... Hate those who choose to wage it. Hate the flash points around the world, like North Korea, don't hate those who have to deal with them as part of a job.

US is surrounded by water, Canada and Mexico, neither of which really pose much of a military danger, either. And the point about the military was more in the terms of quantity[US military is one of the biggest entities on the planet] and the argument that the Swiss military does not receive it's support because it's "needed to protect the people", but rather because a military is necessary to prevent anything catastrophic, not to protect the populace in their daily lives.

Damn, there's some ignorant people. "Oh the military are all murderers with only the interests of the government at heart"! You tell that to a soldier's family after he got his legs blown off by an IED protecting Freedom out in Afghanistan.

If you don't wanna stand behind the military then maybe you should stand in front of them.

You might have lost your fear receptors, but very few military men and women have that privilege. And to think they have to defend spoiled oxygen leeches like you...

So did everyone miss the fact that WhiteCrimson is from South Africa and when people say 'military' it doesn't automatically imply American because the whole world doesn't revolve around the US?

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Regardless what army #1 is talking about, he is just a tough little keyboard warrior who has, and probably never will have any concept of the world he lives in. And as for South Africa, if there wasn't any military present, I doubt you would have the luxury of going on FML and not being in a ditch somewhere.

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So is it agreed that WhiteCrimson is just an ignorant ****?

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It's disheartening and disgusting to read the naive comments from WC... Especially on the one day, if anyone is human, could have the compassion for our country and those who fight for us. My husband was deployed to Iraq twice. His first deployment being much harder and much worse conditions than the second... Where he still suffers PTSD to this day. And will for the rest of his life. Not to mention his back is messed up for life from carrying his gear that's 55+ lbs. Please don't tell me it was for nothing. What he went through, what I went through knowing he was going on another mission and if he would make it back. Anxiously waiting by my phone to go off to hear he's made it back safely this time. As a person, I respect your different ideas and opinions that vary among us and that's what makes us all individuals. But today of all days, you should have just kept your mouth shut and had enough respect to understand this is a hard enough day for many people.. For many reasons. Everyone has their own opinion and I'm not anyone to tell you if I think it's right or wrong. But on 9/11, out of all the days to put down our country by putting down our military... You can go **** yourself.

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And by our county (being you're not from the states) I mean USA. The whole world knows what happened on this day for America.

Now, I feel for the U.S. as a population, and for the losses of such a travesty, but, as we're on the subject of ignorance and arrogance, I'd like to point out that the insult was to militaries in general, not just America's. He's insulting more than just your country, #81.

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My opinion is that the soldiers are brave and amazing people. But the reasons for war are mostly economic and really retarded. Also, #20, are you really that ignorant? You are safe to step outside here cos of the military??? It's safer to step outside in a lot of countries which have much less significant military. Maybe you should peek outside the box and not let the government brainwash you.

So...clarify what you mean by "Vet" to your hateful relatives...or don't, in the end they're not leading your life. Besides, I just hate that, if you're anti-war then hate the politicians, don't hate those who serve....

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Totally with ya there, especially sense I'm a soldier who doesn't always see eye to eye with the gov't

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I completely agree with you! I guarantee those serving in the military don't want to be at war with another country. Politicians are the ones who vote for it because they aren't the ones in the situation. Also, without the military, where would we be? I'm happy we have a strong military and I don't have to be scared to walk outside every day like people in other countries.

I only slightly disagree with you #23 and I understand what you mean... But you can't say the service personnel don't want to be at war, this is why they sign up. I'm from the UK and we won't be taking part in any military action in Syria... I have a lot of navy and Air Force friends and many of them are frustrated by this fact. Not because they want to go and shoot shit up but because by taking action, action where they are risking their lives, they could save others and help put a stop to a government who thinks it's appropriate to use chemical weapons on innocent civilians.

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Politicians should lead from the front and send themselves to a war they wanna start. Or volunteer their own kids to go. But they prefer to go back to their gated community every night in their mansion, send their kids to private 40K a year school. Then bitch about soldiers costing too much money and vote to slash their benefits. Despite politicians getting 100% salary retirement after serving 1 term.

Guess they don't have pets. How long have you been a 'vet'?

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Although it was just a missunderstanding, even if they are anti-war they should never be ashamed to have a family member who puts or has put their life on the line to protect their country.

I agree. I lean to anti war side myself, but I don't hate the soldiers- they truly believe they're helping their country, and they risk their lives for it. I always honor vets (veterans:)) for their commendable bravery and sacrifice, even if I don't agree with the cause. I feel the politicians are the ones to blame. Anyway, OP, just explain the problem. It's not hard to fix.

What freedom was the US protecting in Vietnam? Iraq? What about all the innocent people in those countries who were slaughtered by western soldiers? Isn't their freedom being threatened?

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We need more anti-war people to be like you, 50.

I'm sorry OP but your relatives are quite stupid and disrespectful. Stupid because they confused 'vet' and disrespectful because they hate you because they thought you were a Vetran.

Nobody wants their relatives to hate them, just simply come out and tell them that they've misunderstood. :)

audreyfml1994 15

Nobody wants to have such small minded relatives, either.

**** that, if your some of the members of your family are that big of dousche bags, then they don't deserve the time of day to even try and correct them

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I'd be proud if I had a son either way, vetinarian or veteran

Definitely a poor choice of words # 1. Didn't mean to hit new comment.

I believe it was Einstein, who was credited with saying that there are only two things that are truly infinite: the universe, and human stupidity. I'm sorry OP, but hey, at least it seems you've inherited better genes than that side of the family, congrats!..

Wow! That's crazy! Just watch some newly showed SOA & you'll feel a lot better!