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Today, I got banned from a suicide prevention forum for "attention seeking." FML
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Hey, I'm the op and this is my first fml so I hope I'm doing this right. I thought I should say a few things based on some of the comments I read. No, I was not just being an asshat to everyone, I just posted a thread explaining myself and such. Shortly after I posted it I got banned for "attention seeking" and that's all the information I was given. Oh and all the people saying "******* emo" and such, I guess I look like the stereotypical emo, but seriously you could be a bit more mature about things.

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Go to somewhere else, there are actual people who care for you! I hope you get the help you need!

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but... isn't it ... I mean ... never mind seek help somewhere else op, friends and family, counseling hope you get better


It blows my mind that shit like this happens....

While I don't condone their actions, it's a forum. It's not anyone's job to do anything there. And it's never been a crime to be an ass to people, unfortunately.

Public forum, not their job. There's been cases where people even get on to taunt people and tell them to kill themselves, saying they have freedom of speech.

cooltatgar 31

but... isn't it ... I mean ... never mind seek help somewhere else op, friends and family, counseling hope you get better

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Even if someone does do it for attention, they still obviously need help. mentally sound people don't commit suicide or fake suicidal thoughts for attention.

#12, Emo has nothing to do with that, those are stereotypes. Not all emos cut themselves, like myself. Yes, its true, some do, some people do it for attention, which is not right. BUT, those people need help too. They need help just like any other person, they just don't know how, so they post it on soicial media of some type. So no, if you are "An emo or some shit" you do not deserve getting banned. Emo has absolutely nothing to do with this FML.

Went through an "emo" phase as well as a kid and didn't cut myself. not proud of that phase, but whatever. What they're saying is that there are a lot of them that do it for attention, though. Not that they all do it.

@12 And what makes you think the OP is emo? Depression is a real thing. Might want to educate yourself before you make uninformed statements like you did.

#12 sadly in our society plenty of people are misinformed about people who self harm/ have depression and blame them rather than offer help, thus making it worse. Terms like that don't help.

Go to somewhere else, there are actual people who care for you! I hope you get the help you need!

You could always report that site for not helping / potentially making it worse

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The secretary of the Department of The Internet of course

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No idea why this got down voted, just trying to help

It might not be helpful to go back to a website that mistook his plea for help as "attention seeking." They'll probably just do it again.

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Exactly. OP doesn't need to revisit a toxic forum. They'd have better luck contacting a free hotline for 1 on 1 conversation to really talk out their problems. The internet, collectively, even in places that are supposed to be friendly, is full of asshats.

True indeed but we still don't know what OP said to set them off, but if there are better ones, OP should definitely use them

You should try to talk to your friends or get professional help. I am sorry, that forum sounds like it helps people to suicide rather than stopping them.

I might suggest the suicide prevention subreddit, or a hotline as others have said. Don't let those assholes get you down OP!

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This. It is easy to act like a victim. These groups are usually for peer support. If OP went there to hrab all the attention and ignore the others. Or started harrassing people when they did not give the exact help OP asked. OP could also gave stupid reasons. Asking for attention about "omg my mom took my phone its unfair". We dont know. Giving praise could very well be enabling a bad behavior for OP.

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I agree that I could be something like that, but they really shouldn't even have "attention seeking" as a reason to get kicked off a suicide prevention forum. Perhaps "consistent off topic discussion" or something that doesn't ostensibly undermine the premise of the site.

there are people who will attempt suicide repeatedly for the attention and sympathy it brings. there are such things as attention seeking disorders. which end up draining resources from suicide prevention groups and services. if someone's come in with an "attempt" for the fourth time in as many months and it's clearly a non lethal wound or act. Then said suicide prevention isn't the answer but a therapist for attention disorders.

@61: The thing is, you never know if a suicide threat is "empty" or not. Rule #1 when dealing with a possibly suicidal person is to empathize, take them seriously, and not be judgemental no matter what they tell you. Yes, there might be an underlying issue that would better be brought up in therapy, but here's the point: Suicide hotlines and message boards are kind of first responders, not actual therapists. Their goal isn't to tell people in a bad place how to fix their issues or even to diagnose them, but to make them feel understood and alleviate the incredible amount of stress they might currently experience, because most likely they just want somebody to listen. I get that it can be incredibly annoying for an outsider to hear someone recount their story for the fifth time, but suicidal thoughts and ideations are more often than not recurring, so it's very well possible for someone to attempt several times (and call someone every time). If you're a trained hotline worker, you should be able to handle such situations and refrain from rolling your eyes. If you don't, you're failing at your job, plain and simple. And anyway, I'd rather have been too cautious instead of underestimating someone's "suicide potential".

Then those people don't care if you live or die. Try to find someone who does, like a friend or a family member. Or even a teacher if you are still in school. And if all else fails you can message me because we have all been there