By Anonymous - United States - Glasford
Today, at my therapy appointment, I was spilling my guts to my therapist. When I'd finished, to get rid of the awkward silence, I asked, "I'm not crazy, right?" His response was, "That's bit of a loaded question." FML
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  squideth  |  18

This comment thread is full of bullshit. Don't fucking talk about mental illness like it's cute and quirky to have. I'd give almost anything to be mentally healthy.

  idioticmess  |  15

#58 people who have it talk about their illnesses like that to show they accept it. i have many mental illnesses and laugh and joke because i stopped denying it. for those of you who have something go ahead and make a joke about it and laugh.

  Roskie  |  16

Your comment is full of bullshit. Don't fucking talk about mental illness like it's miserable and depressing to have. I'd never want to be "mentally healthy."
How about you don't tell me what I'm not allowed to say about my own identity, or how happy I'm not allowed to be.

By  tigerisabelle  |  31

Hey being crazy is an art, be proud of who you are! Also what is it these days with FML with all the therapists FMLs?! Maybe they're the crazy ones, and we're the sane ones! *dramatic music*

  tishtashbat  |  16

I don't think it's unprofessional as such, I just think he could have chosen his words better. I think he was trying to say he can't give an answer to a question like that, because if he said no, it could result in 'then why do I need therapy?' or 'so I can stop coming to see you?', and naturally he doesn't want to say yes and give OP the negative label of 'crazy'.


What is you're not crazy though? What if the people seemed crazy are actually sane and can just see everything other people can't and the ones who are "sane" are actually crazy because they can't?